The Russian court found it illegal to remove 2GIS from the Google application store

The Russian court found it illegal to remove 2GIS from the Google application store

The company “DublGIS”, the owner of the 2GIS service, through the arbitration court of Moscow, achieved recognition of the illegal removal of the 2GIS application from the Google Play application store, RBC reports. According to the court’s decision, Google is obliged to restore the application on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries, restore the “DublGIS” account and return access to the [email protected] e-mail. For each day of non-compliance with the court decision, a fine of 100,000 rubles is imposed on Google, doubling every week.

The full text of the decision has not yet been published. The resolution has not yet entered into full force. So far, this has not happened, 2GIS lawyers do not comment on the situation. At the same time, the interviewed experts doubt that the court’s decision will be able to be implemented. There are similar cases in which Google did not fulfill the terms of the court and restore the programs. At the same time, in April 2023, 2GIS was restored to the AppStore, from which the program was removed in 2022.

On January 10 of this year, Google Play started sending messages to Android users that the 2GIS program is malicious. Users were advised to remove the dangerous application. As 2GIS explains, such messages are related to Google’s security policy and are uniform for all applications not available on Google Play. The company also disclosed the technical part of the problem in detail in its article on Habra.

On October 18, 2023, the Moscow Arbitration Court declared Google LLC, the Russian division of Google, bankrupt and opened bankruptcy proceedings against the company. The company has debts in the amount of about 53600000000 rubles.

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