The release of Puter – the desktop browser environment

The release of Puter – the desktop browser environment

The developers have released Puter, a browser-based desktop environment that you can use to create your own web projects. The code is open source and available for free.

The authors of the project said that Puter is an advanced and fast desktop environment that runs in a browser. The developers note that the environment expands, which allows you to customize the solution for your own tasks.

Another feature of the project is that Puter is completely written in pure JavaScript and jQuery. Developers deliberately did not use frameworks to fully control the entire stack and avoid complex abstractions. jQuery was chosen because Puter interacts directly with the DOM and jQuery provides “an elegant yet powerful API for these tasks”.

The authors provide several examples for using Puter:

  • alternatives to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and other cloud storage with a new interface and powerful functions;

  • remote desktop environments for servers and workstations;

  • a platform for creating and hosting websites, applications and games.

Developers have deployed a demo version of Puter. It has a file manager, a terminal, a notepad, a primitive graphics editor, a camera, a voice recorder, and a web version of VS Code. Windows can be moved around the desktop, resized, minimized and opened to full screen.

The project code is open source and published on GitHub. Along with this, the developers have shared detailed documentation and example applications for Puter.

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