The problem of your business. How to delegate the search for information to a chatbot

The problem of your business. How to delegate the search for information to a chatbot

The problem of your business

Do you know what problem arises in companies where there is more than 1 person? Most often, the results of intellectual work are not used in full or are simply lost!

  • And where to find this document?

  • And why did you do it, I already did it?

  • Where to find relevant information?

Straight bingo alarm bells. Notifies the manager that work with information is not configured within the team.

How do we make sure that everything the team generates is collected and stored in one place so that everyone can apply it?

I myself have tried and seen a lot of attempts to build repositories of varying degrees of complexity: knowledge bases, chats, disks, tables, but all of this is successfully abandoned a week or two after the creation by the creator himself.

The only working solution

  1. Leave only ONE place to store information. There is something in tables, something in chats, but everything is in one internal Wikipedia.

  2. Appoint a person responsible for keeping up-to-date information. It can be any person in the company.

  3. Configure the information collection window and rules.

What it looks like in life

  1. At my company, everything is stored in Notion.

  2. Iryna, project manager, is responsible for the relevance of information.

  3. Collection window – “Feed me a link” bot.

When you create something: a creative, a new table, a presentation – just throw a link or file at the bot. All this gets to Irina, she updates the basis of knowledge in Noushen once a day.

Instructions for creating a “Feed me a link” bot from our specialist. The task was to make a robot in Telegram that would be able to receive information about these materials from all employees and transfer them for placement in Notion by the hands of one employee. Information can be sent as text or attachments.

1. We created a diagram in Miro in order to accurately describe the algorithm of their work. specialist

2. We assembled a chatbot on the Sabot platform. With the approved Miro scheme, the technical part is organized in a couple of hours. If necessary, it is easy to transfer and adapt the analogue to other projects.

First, the employee in the work chooses what he wants to do, add new material or update the old one.

Choose what you want to send and add a description.

There is a limit on the size of the attached files, the bot warns about this.

If the employee is inattentive, the robot independently checks the file size and asks the employee to correct himself.

All new materials are recorded in the table:

The responsible employee comes in once a day, sorts through all the materials and uploads/updates the materials in Notion. Bingo!

Super convenient. There is no need to waste time, resources, looking for the right-guilty – at each end there is someone responsible. For throwing the person who created this information into the bot, for it to appear in Notion – Iryna. Try it yourself. Easy and effective, like everything genius.

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