The perfect remake of Dungeon Keeper / Hebrew

The perfect remake of Dungeon Keeper / Hebrew

Under my article about Dungeon Keeper 2, I saw a lot of comments expressing your love for the first part of the series. Probably due to the fact that I played it already after getting to know the second part, I can’t say that it left the same mark on my soul as DK2 did. But “Old Gamer” hears your voices and understands (hopefully) what is dear to your heart, so today I have prepared for you a wonderful collection of Dungeon Keeper 1 fan remakes, which I think is PERFECT for both getting acquainted with the game and returning to it after many years. And, I must tell you, it turned out really well!

Since this article can be read by those who are not familiar with this franchise, I will briefly talk about Dungeon Keeper, trying to interest and encourage you to play it yourself, since now is a great time for this – a fan remake has been released. Well, if you are interested in learning more about the history of the development company or about the various game mechanics embedded in these parts, you can safely follow the link to read the article about the second part of the series, as well as download the compilation with the game!

If you are tired of being the “good guy” in almost all game projects, then Dungeon Keeper will give you a chance to play as a “bad guy”, because here you can become the leader of a dungeon full of various monsters. I’m sure that in 1997 (when this project was released), getting into the dungeon not to cut all the evil, but to feed it, train it and lead it into battle, was crazy cool and atypical for the industry! Even these days, there aren’t many games in a similar setting, so both the first and second parts, as well as their unofficial sequels/clones, are still relevant and unique.

Dungeon Keeper is a strategy/god simulator where you must explore the bowels of the earth while rebuilding your subterranean abode and fighting off armies of light forces encroaching on your possessions, wanting to cleanse them of your evil presence. At the disposal of the king of darkness (you) is a large number of different creatures, each of which has its own character, needs, abilities, place in the social hierarchy, as well as attitudes towards other inhabitants. Therefore, you need not just build a conditional barracks and rivet units to defeat the enemy army, but create conditions under which creatures will not only come to your lands, but also stay there to live! To do this, it is necessary to satisfy all desires: build structures corresponding to their interests, try not to live next to neighbors who fuck (for example, a bile demon does not transfer skeletons to the spirit, regularly daring them the back of the head when they meet – it is complex due to its weight, not otherwise), but also pay salary on time.

The fat men went to sleep

Each of the minions has his hobbies and, so to speak, work specialty: someone likes to sit in the library and engage in scientific discoveries, someone “lives” in the workshop, creating new gadgets for the benefit of society, and there are those who just like to eat, spending time in the dining room most of the time! The bottom line is that as you build rooms in your underground abode, you not only make your servants happier, but you also unlock new mechanics, structures, and spells.

The main feature of the gameplay is the inability to give direct orders to subordinates. This means that they can be thrown into battle, either by picking up their skin, or by invoking their body with a spell to fight from the first person, or simply by casting special magic. If you don’t want to participate in the battle yourself (and sometimes it can turn the outcome of the battle in your direction), you can help your soldiers by casting various spells: let that noble knight fry the fillet part with lightning or increase the speed of your trolls to somehow raise their combat effectiveness. And in case of injury to your loyal servants, you can always heal them with the appropriate magic. At your disposal 16 different types of ripeningand not all of them are of the combat type, some also help in the development of your underground kingdom (like a spell that increases the efficiency of all your “animals”, thanks to which they will perform all their household tasks better and faster. And if you add a occiput to it from you (I’m not kidding), work productivity will rise even more)!

By the way, by participating in battles, as well as training in the training room, your monsters become more powerful and gain levels. This allows them to acquire new abilities and hit harder every time! Believe me, a level one dragon and a dragon pumped to the maximum (tenth) have different combat effectiveness!

In addition, each of them has unique characteristics: one is not afraid of gas, the second is immune to fear, and the third can move on the bench, which can have a role in certain missions!

Sometimes you can stop the attack of enemy troops even in solo!

You will extract funds from gold mines found while exploring the dungeon, as well as by defeating enemies and collecting loot from fallen bodies. In addition to paying wages or creating new rooms, money will be spent on casting spells (strange, isn’t it? Mana will appear only in the second part) and pumping wards in the training room, so it will be important to study the surroundings – you should not focus on the development of your a lot of land.

Several game modes are available to you: the campaign, which, like the Heroes series, will teach you the basics of the game mission by mission, with gradually increasing difficulty and the addition of new mechanics, as well as pre-made scenario cards. The game catches first of all interesting gameplay, a cool atmosphere, well-supplemented music, and the opportunity to try on the skin of the evil lord! And even the introductory video, which you can watch below, was cool in its action and from the first seconds set the mood!

Well, to easily dive into this wonderful game in 2024, fans have prepared a wonderful gift that they have been developing for 15 years! It’s about KeeperFX – an open source remake of Dungeon Keeper. Their main goal was to preserve and expand the original DK experience, but with new features and improvements, while staying true to the original spirit of the game! What makes KeeperFX so good? The first thing that will catch your eye is a slightly tweaked visual (due to improved sprites and textures) and support for high screen resolution and videos. The remake, which has built-in support for many languages ​​(including Russian), will easily run on all modern operating systems!

In addition, added:

• new level scripts and creatures;

• modernized controls;

• additional campaigns and maps;

• multi-user mode;

• improved II;

• videos in higher resolution;

• many other fixes.

If you want to dive into this unusual adventure and become the leader of the dark state, go to the “Old-fashioned Gamer” channel – there I have posted a collection with a fully installed and ready-to-run game, as well as installers for self-installation. Come on in, rock out and get nostalgic!

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