The perfect CV. What do recruiters pay attention to? / Hebrew

The perfect CV. What do recruiters pay attention to? / Hebrew

When I made the perfect CV

Before I received an offer from Yandex, I sent 156 reviews and went through dozens of social media in different companies. In the process, I adjusted the CV to increase the conversion in return.

Together with Avito, head of product recruitment, we share life hacks for creating a cool CV.

The article will be useful for product hiring managers and all job seekers.

Briefly about the authors

David Mkrtumyan

I work as a senior product manager at Avita and am the author of the Telegram channel Product Net, where I share my experience, provide career advice and help products find their dream job. Before that, he worked as a product manager at AliExpress, Yandex Market and developed his own business for 3 years.

Lidia Muravyova

I manage the recruitment of product managers at Avito and am studying to become a career consultant. For 5 years in recruitment, I managed to work at Yandex and helped many teams find the coolest engineers, data scientists, designers and products.

How to perceive your CV?

CV is also a product used by recruiters and hiring managers. Like a sales landing page, a CV has a funnel:

and metrics:

  • number of views;

  • conversion to contact;

  • number of contacts;

  • conversion to an interview;

  • number of invitations;

Invitation to an interview is the target metric we will grow. To do this, we have to make CV as convenient as possible for its users.

Pains and needs of recruiters

The goal of the recruiter and hiring manager is to the shortest possible time to hire a suitable candidate. Searching for a strong product is not an easy task, since most of the cool specialists are already employed. In the current situation, this task has been complicated by the fact that many specialists have moved away and are considering offers to work remotely, which not all employers are ready for. Together we can identify the following problems:

  • lack of relevant specialists;

  • the difficulty of finding candidates;

  • high pace of work and, as a result, the lack of opportunity to study each CV perfectly.

We have no influence on the problem of the lack of specialists. Therefore, within the framework of the article, we will solve the task of searching and reducing the time for CV study.

Simplifying the search

You can simplify the search for a recruiter in the following ways:

  • adjust the visibility of the resume so that it is visible to the maximum number of employers;

  • be placed on several career sites;

  • send your resume to recruiting agencies that specialize in finding personnel for IT;

  • respond to vacancies on career sites and employer sites that interest you;

  • write keywords and skills in the resume – so the CV will appear more often in the search results. For example, data-driven approach, RICE, JTBD, etc.

  • submit CVs through acquaintances who work in the companies you want, through an internal referral system. In my experience, this is the most effective way. In this case, your resume is guaranteed to reach the recruiter and will be considered in priority order. By the way, I have acquaintances in many leading Russian IT companies. If you want your resume to be considered by the company you want, write to me Telegram.

Reduction of CV study time

It should be understood that recruiters review thousands of resumes, as a result of which they are extremely limited in time and usually spend studying CVs. no more than 1 minute. Accordingly, the tasks of your CV are to answer the recruiter’s questions in a minute:

  • what is your current role

  • what position are you looking for?

  • Do you have relevant skills?

For this The CV should be well structured and formatted in such a way that the key information immediately catches the eye even with a cursory reading. To do this, you should visually separate blocks and highlight important information in bold.

CV structure


In the cap we indicate:

  • Name and surname;

  • desired position;

  • contacts (it is desirable to specify a maximum of contact data. Not only phone, but also email, Telegram, Linked-in and links to social profiles);

  • city ​​of residence and readiness for business trips – In the current situation, it is important;

  • photo – it will be easier for recruiters and hiring managers with a visual memory to remember which candidate they are talking about. It is better not to use a photo as a passport. The photo should be placed towards you. Therefore, it is better to put a lively photo with a smile. But informality should be within reasonable limits – no swimsuits, alcohol and other expressions in the photo.

About myself

This is a block that sells, which should go immediately after the cap. Like the Unique Selling Proposition, this block should be short and to the point only the most important information for the recruiter:

  • your current position;

  • professional experience;

  • what products do you specialize in;

  • what is your super power

If you came to the product from related professions (analyst, researcher, developer), then it’s a strong background, which will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. It should be indicated in this block. It will be superfluous to talk about your biography and hobbies, but it is worth mentioning the interests related to the profession – this characterizes you as a candidate who is passionate about your profession. Try to pack the block in 2-4 offers.

professional experience

It is better to talk about the experience in reverse chronology. At the top, we indicate the last/current place of work. It should be described in more detail than the rest. According to the structure, this block should contain:

  • position;

  • name of the employer – company names should be clickable and lead to the employer’s website, especially if it is about little-known startups;

  • period of work – with this information you need to get out of your situation. If you work for a long time, you can specify the duration for the recruiter’s convenience. If it is not long, it is better not to focus attention on it and simply indicate the dates;

  • area of ​​responsibility – it should be described in a couple of sentences so that the recruiter can quickly understand which vacancies you are suitable for;

  • achievement – Achievements are better supported by metrics. It is not enough to write that you have doubled the metric. Be sure to indicate from which base the growth was. It is better to highlight important indicators in bold to draw the attention of the recruiter and future manager to key achievements. For ease of perception, it is worth using bullet points.

  • duties – This block should clearly highlight the key product skills you possess. Duties should be described only for the last place of work. For previous places, we briefly write only about the area of ​​responsibility, achievements and the reason for care. This will make the resume more concise.

  • reason for care – this question must be asked at the interview. It will be cool if you answer it in advance.

If you have a lot of experience, you should not list it completely. It is sufficient to indicate relevant experience from the last 3 places of work.


There should be a block on education as short as possible:

  • first, we list the various courses that belong to the profession. This will emphasize your motivation and desire to develop in the profession;

  • We indicate the institute last.

Language knowledge

We indicate this block last and describe it as briefly as possible:

  • language;

  • level;

  • confirms the certificate, if any. You should add a link to the confirming document to the name of the certificate.

Do I need to write a cover letter?

Depends on the CV submission channel:

  • if you found a vacancy in a post on Facebook, it is better to write a message to the person and describe why you are interested in the vacancy and how you can be useful;

  • if through a career site, then you need to write very briefly about motivation and how you can be useful.

In any case, it is worth showing your interest and try to build a personal contact with the recruiter and the hiring manager. This can have a positive impact on the interview process and the conditions you will be offered. Never do not forget about the influence of human relations on the result.

What should not be indicated in the CV?

  • Your salary expectations – for some companies, your expectations may seem too high and cut the gap at the first stage. Or, on the contrary, your financial expectations may change to a greater extent in the process of discussing the future area of ​​responsibility, and it will be more difficult to adjust their perception by the future employer. In passing interviews, it is an important skill that is trained by the number of approaches to the projectile. Therefore, in the process of looking for a new job, we advise you to practice first at less interesting companies and then communicate with the company of your dreams.

  • Date of birth – It is not necessary to write your age, as it does not characterize you as a cool specialist. At the same time, if you are young, some hiring managers and recruiters may consider you inexperienced and form a preconceived attitude.

Should I use the HH template?

The HH template has its advantages and disadvantages.



  • from the point of view, the order and structure of the blocks of this template is not optimal. Blocks cannot be swapped and will have to be adapted to the template;

  • Also, it is extremely difficult to fit the template into 1-2 pages due to the formatting embedded in it.

Therefore, the use of the HH template is at your discretion. But for those who want to make their CV perfect, I recommend ordering the appropriate service.

How to test your CV?

Practice will help elevator pitch. Give the finished CV to a friend or relative and see how long it takes them to understand what you do. It is important that the reader is in context.

It is even better to consult with a familiar recruiter or not to spare money for career counseling.

If you are serious about making your CV perfect and getting your dream job, write to me at Telegram. I conduct career consultations with recruiters from top companies. Together, we help you adjust your CV and prepare for interviews. I can recommend the strongest candidates to Avito and other top IT companies.

I will wait for your applications) Well, for those who decided to prepare independently, we sincerely wish you luck and hope that the article will help you attract more attention to your CV!

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