The new AMD Threadripper chips have a hidden fuse that blows when overclocked

The new AMD Threadripper chips have a hidden fuse that blows when overclocked

Chipmaker AMD, like its rival Intel, allows overclocking of its workstations and HEDT chips, but overclocking can cause damage that voids the warranty. This is reported by ExtremeTech.

AMD was found to have used a secret method to detect the chip’s overclocking: a hidden fuse that activates when the specified feature is enabled.

However, AMD says this won’t automatically void your warranty, but will let the company know what you’ve been doing if things don’t go as planned.

AMD released the Threadripper 7000 series processors in November, so people are starting to get familiar with the chips. The CPUs are available in both Pro and non-Pro versions, and all are “overclocked unlocked”. However, recent reports have indicated that this will void the warranty.

The source of these reports is a Twitter user (X) who shared a screenshot of a BIOS warning that his warranty was voided because overclocking was allowed. The BIOS also says that overclocking is always on, which is strange.

Apparently it’s always on because AMD put a fuse inside the CPU that blows when the feature is on, so there’s no going back.

Overclocking is allowed on the latest AMD processors, but if something goes wrong, your warranty will be void

AMD confirmed: “The Threadripper 7000 series processors do contain a fuse that blows when overclocked. To be clear, blowing this fuse does not void your warranty.”

Basically, overclocking is acceptable and supported by AMD, but any damage will void the warranty, so users should proceed with caution. Considering the price of these processors and their motherboards, overclocking is probably not very common (the flagship processor costs $9999).

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