The nanoCAD 23 platform runs on the Astra Linux OS

The nanoCAD 23 platform runs on the Astra Linux OS

Nanosoft, one of the leading developers of engineering software, announces the release of a special version of the nanoCAD Platform for the domestic Astra Linux operating system.

The special version is developed on the basis of the nanoCAD 23.1 Platform and requires a separate license to work under Linux. The solution is supplemented with special options that ensure the operation of the program in all three security modes of the Astra Linux OS: basic, enhanced and maximum.

“Now the nanoCAD Platform works not only in the basic mode, as it was at the beginning of our cooperation with Astra Group. Large user companies that want to ensure the preservation of their data, in most cases, consider operating systems with a high degree of information protection. Therefore, we have developed and already tested a new version of the nanoCAD Platform, which supports operation in enhanced and maximum security modes of operation of the Russian operating system. Users of IT infrastructures based on the Astra Linux OS can be sure that a modern toolkit with a wide range of capabilities is fully available to them, which allows them to successfully solve many engineering tasks. We are grateful to our colleagues from Astra Group for their cooperation and expect to continue its development so that our customers always have modern, convenient and appropriate technologies at their disposal.”– comments Sergey SpirinHead of the department of implementation and integration of basic products of the company “Nanosoft”.

The correct and stable operation of the nanoCAD 23.1 Platform in connection with the Astra Linux OS is officially confirmed by a certificate issued within the framework of the Ready For Astra technological cooperation of IT manufacturers. The software stack can be found in the Download Center section of the product page.

“Today, companies seek to transfer their IT infrastructures to Russian software, and not individual software solutions, but a whole set of products that will fully satisfy business needs. This is especially important for enterprises that use CAD in their work. It is equally important to ensure the security of such systems. By offering our partner our OS to deploy a special version of nanoCAD, we are confident that customers will receive the most secure solution for the life cycle of the automated design system.” notes Dmytro TarakanovHead of the Astra Group Technological Cooperation Development Department.

Download the nanoCAD Platform distribution for Astra Linux, as well as read the installation instructions, the user manual and technical requirements for the product can be found in the Personal Account on the website

About the company “Nanosoft”

“Nanosoft” is a Russian developer of engineering software: technologies of automated design (CAD/CAD), information modeling (BIM/TIM) and support of industrial and civil construction objects (PGS) at all stages of the life cycle, as well as end-to-end digitalization of all processes in production

The company’s mission is to create the conditions for mass equipping the Russian market with licensed, high-quality and affordable domestic software products. “Nanosoft” helps its customers achieve import independence in the field of engineering software and aims to develop its own technologies in the focus of real needs. This allows guaranteed protection of critical IT infrastructure, which is especially relevant now, when Western vendors are leaving the market, freezing the supply of software and technical support.

All software products of the company are included in the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases.

Official website:

About Astra Group

“Astra Group” unites a number of independent domestic software development companies: Astra Linux, “Uveon – cloud technologies”, “RuBackup”, “RuPost”, “Tantor Labs”, “Resolute”, ISPsystem and “Nomari CIS”. The vendor’s software stack allows you to effectively solve various business tasks and meet the many needs of modern organizations. Astra Group’s portfolio includes the certified Astra Linux OS, the Brest virtualization suite, Termidesk software for creating virtual workplace infrastructures, RuBackup backup tools, ALD Pro IT infrastructure administration solutions, DBMS and database management and monitoring platforms based on PostgreSQL Tantor, mobile workplace WorksPad, corporate mail RuPost, source code service GitFlic, educational platforms and course designer Knomary, as well as three platforms for managing physical and virtual infrastructures and billing: DCImanager, VMmanager and BILLmanager. All software products of “Astra Group” are included in the Register of the Ministry of Digital and are used in state and commercial organizations, state corporations and concerns, at industrial enterprises and KII facilities.

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