The Mad Hatter: everyday life of an IT specialist

The Mad Hatter: everyday life of an IT specialist

Hello, I am Denys Bystrov, the project manager (VKS, multimedia, telephony) at Maxsoft. Marketers would call this article “case studies”, and we call it “at first they didn’t understand, and then how they understood”. Four stories about telephony, take a look, did it happen to you too?

It would seem that what are the hats for? And no – hats in IT are exactly our work, or rather one of its sides. Every day you rush to work like Alice in Wonderland:

Hat No. 1

“We have a problem here in the wireless network, every day, closer to lunch, employees with laptops connected to Wi-Fi were dropping off en masse. Everything is fine in the morning, after lunch is also fine, but closer to lunch…”

“And she kept falling,

and fall

and fall…

And she had nothing to do but think

and think

and think”

They arrived, connected to the system, looked, monitored, thought. They drew conclusions, changed the SOHO router to a more mature iron that meets the increased needs of the office. Now, even at times of peak load, the router does not turn into a pumpkin.

Hat #2

“We have some kind of hat with telephony. The provider sees us, and so do we. And the calls do not go through, in the logs there is an error 487. Telephony is on hold, calls are not going through, business is at a standstill, sales are lagging…”

“Start from the beginning and continue until you reach the end. Then stop!

So we went from the very beginning. We connected to the system and began to look carefully, and there:
REGISTER – 401 – REGISTER – 200 – everything is fine here, the server recognizes us, but only after we introduce ourselves completely

INVITE – 100 – 180 – 487 – apparently everything is fine too, called – confirmed – visited – rejected. But! The client did not receive a call. The situation is familiar, we contact the provider and ask to unblock it. We make a control call, and there “I looked around to see if she didn’t look around to see if I didn’t look around…”

They called the provider again, apologized and asked not to block again. Fixed routing. Everything went smoothly, there were no more blockages, the client is satisfied. The Mad Hatter went to close the application at the help desk and in 1s, muttering something under his breath about “TCP my IP …”

Hat #3

“Good afternoon, you were recommended to us as an organization with extensive experience in SCS, VKS, ATS, SKUD, OPS, could you come and see it on the spot.” And where is the hat, you ask? And the Hat was hiding at the place of the meeting, which took place in the foreman’s house, at the plant, which is at the pit stage. There is no project, there are wishes, of course, and there can be no agreement with other parts, but there are wishes and there are deadlines…

So many amazing things happened that day that it began to seem that nothing is impossible in the world.

In the morning, you lay the cable tray and the twisted pair in it, in the evening you go to look, and there is already a 50 kW power cable (well, you know, with the thickness of the blades from a shovel)… According to the plan, the electricians should have a tray not far away, so they saved money.

In the evening, you mount sockets on the wall, lay a vent, come in the morning – and there is no wall … The production line turned out to be a little longer and did not fit in, we had to clean the wall.

And if not every day, then every week for sure.

Hat No. 4

I’m ashamed to admit it, but this Hat is from our wardrobe, as this story is about us.

Alice, it must be said, often gave herself very sensible advice, but rarely followed it.

One day the internet went down in the office. Everything was fine, nothing foreshadowed disaster, but the Internet took and disappeared. Managers demand mail, accountants are promised that there will be no bank-client, and there will be no salary, Bekofis drinks tea with livers, administrators fall into a slump. Four providers, two of which work for the office, automatic switching both when the channel drops and when key resources are unavailable through the provider’s gateway, a notification system about freelance situations in the visa and … and nothing, silence, and no Internet.

A quarter of an hour and a bunch of gray hair after….

One provider failed to make a payment and incurred a debt, the other had a line accident. The equipment reported problems, but both channels are down and the message did not go anywhere.

Naturally, during this time we redirected the traffic to a third provider, checked the availability of mail, asked the accounting department to deal with the payment, set up an alternative notification, and went to help the back office with the livers… It’s good when technical support is available not only via the Internet, but also a leg in a magic pendulum can reach .

There is nothing in the world from which a conclusion cannot be drawn. You just need to know how to get down to business.

These are the kinds of Hats that happen in our everyday lives (and note, no RedHats were harmed in this story).

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