The laureates of the international Yandex ML Prize were named

The laureates of the international Yandex ML Prize were named

  • Mykyta Gushchin, a graduate student at Skoltech, is engaged in the development of new generative models based on solving the Schrödinger bridge problem, nomination “First publication”;

  • Aidar Bulatov, a graduate student of the Moscow Institute of Technology, is engaged in solving fundamental problems of the architecture of deep neural networks, nomination “First publication”;

  • Nikulin Oleksandr, post-graduate student of the Moscow State Technical University, engages in offline learning with reinforcement, nomination “First publication”;

  • Aybek Alanov, a researcher at AIRI and the Center for Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods of the National University of Higher Education and Research, researches generative models for computer vision and speech synthesis, nomination “Researchers”;

  • Anton, a graduate student at Skoltech, a member of the Fusion Brain (AIRI) research group, engages in multimodal research, nomination “Researchers” ignites;

  • Kurenkov Vladyslav, scientific director of Tinkoff Research, MIPT, leads a research team in the field of reinforcement learning, nomination “Young scientific leaders”;

  • Pavlo Braslavskyi, associate professor of Nazarbayev University, senior researcher of the National University of Higher Education, nomination “Scientific supervisors”;

  • Ilya Makarov, PhD, senior researcher of the II AIRI Institute, director of the artificial intelligence center of NITU MISIS, created a scientific school in the field of machine learning on graphs in Russia, nomination “Scientific leaders”;

  • Serhii Nikolenko, Ph.D., head of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence of the Russian Academy of Sciences, associate professor of FMK of St. Petersburg State University, head of AI of the Synthesis AI company, nomination “ML Teachers”;

  • Oleksandr Beznosikov, Yandex Research ML Residency, MIPT, areas of scientific interest – distributed methods and federated learning, nomination “Yandex Researchers”;

  • Denys Kuznedelev, Yandex Research ML Residency, Skoltech, main research interest — compression of neural networks, nomination “Yandex Researchers”.

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