the introduction of AI will contribute to the modernization of the network and the evolution of data centers

the introduction of AI will contribute to the modernization of the network and the evolution of data centers

Technologies related to artificial intelligence will drive many trends in 2024, and key developments in networks and data centers will change the future of infrastructure. This is the forecast given by Cisco executives, NetworkWorld reports.

According to Liz Santoni, executive vice president of Cisco, new AI developments will lead to “a once-in-a-generation change, opening up vast new opportunities and transforming industries, ways of working and career paths.”

“GenAI will rapidly expand into the business world with GenAI-based natural language interfaces, customizable LLMs, tailored B2B applications and business contexts”– wrote Sentoni in the blog.

New products are expected to use GenAI-powered Natural Language Interfaces (NLIs), and by the end of 2024, more than half of them will have it as the default.

“GenAI will also be used in B2B interactions with users who demand more contextualized, personalized and integrated solutions. GenAI will offer APIs, interfaces and services to access, analyze and visualize data and insights. AI will spread in such areas as project management, software quality and testing, conformity assessment and recruitment. – said Centoni.

In 2024, companies will be looking for innovative ways to use artificial intelligence without the complexity and expense of building their own platforms, and APIs will play a key role in that, the official predicted.

APIs will increasingly act as an “abstraction layer”—seamless bridges that connect many off-the-shelf AI tools, services, and systems with little infrastructure development or customization. With access to a wide range of AI capabilities through APIs, teams will automate repetitive tasks, gain deeper insights into data, and improve decision-making.

Along with the potential benefits that AI can provide, security will remain a key concern and countering threats will be an important part of AI development.

“In 2024, misinformation, fraud, and AI-assisted fraud will continue to grow as threats to businesses, people, and even election candidates. In response, we will see more investment in identifying and mitigating risks. Inclusive new AI solutions will protect against cloned voices, deepfakes, social media bots and influencer campaigns. AI models will be trained on large data sets for better accuracy and efficiency. New authentication and provenance mechanisms will promote transparency and accountability.” – predicts Centoni.

ProIT previously reported the details of the agreement between Cisco and Splunk, which is designed to significantly expand the security portfolio.

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