The growth of oil, the collapse of the ruble, as well as excitement about II in different parts of the world

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Last week, the OPEC oil cartel agreed to reduce production to increase oil prices, which went up to $85 per barrel. The ruble continued to fall despite the increase in oil prices, reaching 81 rubles against the dollar – exceeding the January 2022 level. Canadian ethical investment fund Ethical Capital Partners bought MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub, to improve its business practices. Samsung employees used the chatbot ChatGPT to store confidential code, which could be read by OpenAI. Italy banned ChatGPT, and Germany, France, and Ireland may follow. Yandex released a beta of a generative neural network, called “Masterpiece,” and the LDPR planned to build a big language model based on everything Zhirynovsky ever said and wrote. Lastly, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia is preparing a bill to allow Serbian citizenship only after a year of working for a local company.

The growth of oil, the collapse of the ruble, as well as excitement about II in different parts of the world

All the most important and interesting financial news in Russia and the world in a week: Canadian investors ethically invested in porn, Samsung released its chatbot secrets, Europeans want to ban ChatGPT, and in Russia they are sawing Neurozhirinovsky.

Yesterday oil was larger and cheaper, but today it is small and expensive

World oil prices have steadily declined from $123 in mid-2022 to $73 at the end of the week before last. This does not please the guys who extract it – namely the OPEC oil cartel. Here they were last week and agreed together to reduce the production so that the scarce pulp now costs more – so its price immediately jumped to $85.

It seems that the Americans were most upset by this. Well, like: “Guys, we already have a problem with inflation here, we can’t raise the interest rate higher, otherwise our silicon banks will start staring – and here you are with your oil tricks!”

The dollar exchange rate… however, let’s go straight to the meme

In the Russian economy, it is somehow accepted that when everything is bad with oil, the ruble gets sick too; and when oil grows, the ruble feels great. But last week, something went wrong in this scheme: despite an 8% increase in oil prices, the ruble continued to fall quite sharply, and the dollar exchange rate reached 81 rubles – that is, it already exceeded the peacetime level of January 2022.

Market experts, of course, explained everything in detail – what is happening and why. True, practice shows that most often it does not matter to experts in which direction the quotes are moving – because a “logical” explanation can be found for absolutely any mess that is formed in the trading terminal.

Canadians voted with both hands for “adult” ethics

Back in mid-March, Pornhub’s parent company MindGeek was bought by the Canadian ethical investment fund Ethical Capital Partners. “And what is ethical here?” – You ask. And the fact that highly moral Canadians will rule the porn empire with one hand, and with the other…

…no, not what you might be thinking – they’re just going out of their way to improve business practices in this polluted blight of an industry. After all, if you think about it, you can fight for the increase of good in the world with the help of monetary infusions in two ways:

  1. To find “good” companies and give them money, or

  2. Find “evil” companies, buy them out completely, and re-educate them.

Well, the Canadian guys from Ethical Capital Partners seem to be on the slippery (sorry!!) path of the second path. You can read more about Pidkletnov in the article:

Samsung employees entrusted the robots with the most confidential

As you remember, ChatGPT is now a programmer’s best friend. Programmers need to think much less now, just insert pieces of code into the dialog box, and ask this neural network transformer of yours to fix all the bugs!

Well, at least that’s what Samsung employees decided for themselves, who over the past month have already managed to stuff a lot of confidential code into the chatbot (exclusively to improve productivity, of course). Apparently, the Korean boys had no idea that all their secrets could now be read by the good guys from OpenAI.

Kim Hyun Suk (Samsung CEO) clearly shows what he will do with the eggs of employees who spill the company’s family secrets to robots

At the same time, I would like to mention the March scandal on a similar topic, when ChatGPT, due to an incomprehensible glitch, suddenly started spitting out pieces of logs from other people’s dialogues to users. I can’t wait for headlines from 2035 like “Strong AGI started war on humanity because OpenAI junior intern forgot to check the ‘Don’t kill all humans’ checkbox”.

The Europeans made a preemptive strike against artificial intelligence

AI skeptics sneer at the possibility of a war between humans and machines, but in the meantime, it seems to have ALREADY BEGUN: Italy has banned ChatGPT on its territory. 🤌

Regulators in the homeland of Mario and Luigi do not like that the chatbot insidiously allows children under 13 to use it, and in general it is not clear how specifically and on what grounds it uses the user’s information.

It’s just that the big language models haven’t had time to learn that jokes are bad with these guys

Apparently, the Germans, French and Irish are also already at a low start – they are ready to ban all these neural network unnecessary things.

Neuroprogress in Russia

In Russia, they are also trying to keep up with the cutting edge of II-progress:

  • Yandex released a beta of a generative neural network for creating pictures called “Masterpiece”, which immediately broke into the top of the Russian Apstore.

  • The Central Bank plans to create its competence center for artificial intelligence. As Olga Skorobogatova, the first deputy head of the Central Bank, said: “It’s very cool, and you can and should use it” – but if robots start to teach themselves, then such AI can happen to all of us. It seems that Olga has already read our longread with Vastryk about the danger of II!!

  • The guys from the LDPR want to create a big language model based on everything Zhirynovsky ever said and wrote. It seems that Yudkovsky’s proposal “let’s bomb all the data centers where a new, stronger AI can emerge” is starting to look more and more reasonable.

Yes, an American neural network has studied 400 GB of data… but can it go to the bathhouse with the boys? Checkmate, Sam Altman!

Twitter turned into Woofer

Elon Musk was sad that for several weeks nothing has been discussed about him and Twitter, and for a few days he changed the logo of the social network from a blue bird to a Shiba Inu meme. Kryptans in ecstasy rushed to buy the DOGE coin.

I remind you that a $258 billion lawsuit has already been filed against Musk for allegedly manipulating DOGE quotes with tweets like “Dogecoin Rulz”, which allegedly boosted this shieldcoin by +36,000%. Perhaps, with the change of the Twitter logo, Elon just wanted to send a message to all his haters: “Yes, I’m a crocodile, I’m crawling, and I’ll keep crawling, and what are you going to do to me!”

Let me remind you that this is exactly what Musk’s own dog named Floki looks like

Good news of the week

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia is preparing a bill according to which Serbian citizenship can be obtained only after a year of working for a local company.

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