The Google search engine offered testers the option of image generation

The Google search engine offered testers the option of image generation

The Google SGE (Search Generative Experience) search function based on artificial intelligence will allow you to generate images. For now, it will only be available to Google Labs testers.

The feature introduces dialog mode in search and will work like Bing with DALLE-E 3 support from OpenAI.

With the new image creation feature, the user will be able to enter a text prompt indicating what type of image they want to create (drawing, photo, or painting). SGE will display the four results directly in the dialog box. From there you will be able to download selected images as a .png, and you will be able to enter the edited prompt in the chat to create a new set.

The feature is based on Google’s Imagen text-to-image model. This feature will also be available when searching for Google Images. Yes, in the image search you will be able to select the desired photo, and then create your own based on it, using text prompts.

Google will limit the feature to users under the age of 18, although the core functionality of SGE is already available to 13- to 17-year-olds in the US. In addition, the company will implement filters that will prevent the creation of “harmful and misleading images”, as well as images that violate the policy of using generative AI. After all, SGE won’t be able to create photorealistic faces and prompts that mention the names of famous people.

Images will also include metadata that identifies them as AI-generated and embedded watermarks based on SynthID technology.

To test the tool, participants of the Google Search Labs program will first be involved. Its participants will send feedback on the work of SGE through the feedback form.

In addition, SGE’s new text features will allow users to create drafts, adjust the length of output text, and set the tone of the letter. You can export your notes to Google Workspace apps like Gmail or Google Docs, while your images can be saved to Google Drive.

Google began testing search based on generative artificial intelligence in May. US Search Labs users can access the feature. The Google Labs experimental laboratory has launched a special portal for participation in testing.

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