The free Photoshop equivalent has disabled ad blockers after backlash from the community

The free Photoshop equivalent has disabled ad blockers after backlash from the community

Photopea start screen

On October 23, the Photopea web service announced a complete ban on the service when ad blockers are enabled. This change made it impossible to work with the service even without ad blockers, including paid users.

In a post on Reddit (now deleted, archived copy), the author of the project, Ivan Kutskir, suggested either paying for a Premium account or allowing the display of an advertising block on the right side of the interface. According to him, the change was supposed to affect 30 percent of active users and work with ad blockers completely disabled.

We are 100% sure if you completely disable all your extensions, you will not see ads. But we don’t know what your extensions do (which ones block ads) – you have to find out yourself.

In the comments to the post, users reported the unavailability of the service with disabled and remote ad blockers, including on standard browser settings. The blocking also worked for paid users of the service, who should not see ads on the site at all.

In response to the problems, the developer suggested that users disable the built-in security features, as well as the firewall, which led to criticism. When asked about the reasonableness of these actions, Ivan assured that he himself does not use browser extensions or a firewall, and suggested that users “hack it”.

When asked about the collection of user data, the developer replied that it does not do this, but did not mention possible tracking by advertising providers.

Specialists in the field of cyber security also discovered an open FTP service on the project server, to which Ivan also offered to “hack it”.

After 12 hours, the developer of the project announced the rollback of the changes and the removal of all relevant posts from the Reddit page. The author complained that a large group of users do not know how to disable ad blocking. The question of the feasibility of disabling security measures was ignored. Users noted that removing posts from Reddit violated the platform’s conflict of interest rules.

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