The Electron 24 framework was released

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The Electron framework has released version 24.0.0, based on Chromium 112, Node.js 18.14.0, and JavaScript V8 11.2, which allows for developing desktop graphic programs using web technologies. New features include filtering cookies in HttpOnly mode, new event to open new windows in webContents, and deprecation of BrowserWindow.setTrafficLightPosition() method. The Electron team also announced the end of version 21’s life cycle, and developers are encouraged to update their projects. The framework can be installed from the npm package manager, and the team asks for feedback and bug reports.

The Electron 24 framework was released

The Electron 24.0.0 framework was released. The codebase is now based on Chromium 112, Node.js 18.14.0 and JavaScript V8 11.2. The framework itself allows you to develop desktop graphic programs using web technologies.

The main innovations:

  • in HttpOnly mode, it is possible to filter Cookies using a method cookies.get();

  • in shell.openExternal() parameter appeared logUsage;

  • methods BrowserWindow.setTrafficLightPosition(position) and BrowserWindow.getTrafficLightPosition() has been deprecated and is now recommended instead BrowserWindow.setWindowButtonPosition(position) and BrowserWindow.getWindowButtonPosition();

  • webRequest can now filter requests by type;

  • the configuration file by default uses optimization based on the data obtained during the compilation of all modules;

  • in webContents an event has occurred devtools-open-urldesigned to open new windows;

  • in the method webContents.print() several standard page parameters appeared;

  • SystemPreferences::CanPromptTouchID on macOS now supports Apple Watch.

Along with this, the Electron team reported that the life cycle of version 21 of the framework is coming to an end. Developers are encouraged to update and prepare their projects for the transition. The actuality of the versions can be tracked on the official page of Electron.

Developers can install the framework from the npm package manager using the command npm install electron@latest. The installation file is also available on the official release page. The Electron team asks for feedback in the framework’s Discord channel and bug reports in the release tracker.

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