The developers of “Trouble” have released another diary dedicated to the combat system

The developers of “Trouble” have released another diary dedicated to the combat system

The developers of the game “Trouble” presented another diary. In a new video, game producer Andriy Belov told blogger Viktor Zuyev about the combat system in the game and its features. The video tells whether the main character will have partners, whether there will be mass battles and what are the basic elements of combat inside the game. In the video, the producer also promised long-term support for “Trouble” after its release.

The video begins with a story about the historical background of the combat system. Belov explained that they consulted with historical consultants. According to the producer, although there are about 20 books on fencing from the 16th and 17th centuries, the books themselves act as a collection of recommendations, not a training manual. Belov also noted that it is not known for sure how the matches were conducted at that time, and the modern idea of ​​those years is based on modern reconstructions of fencing matches. However, it is known for sure which weapons were used in fights and which equipment was used by people in the 17th century.

When asked what the combat system looks like, Belov said that in the game, the character’s basic elements are light and heavy attack, block, normal parry, heavy attack parry, dodge and dodge. Referring to Alina Rin’s stream, the producer explained how the parry works: when the red lights on the weapon flash, you can parry and counter at that moment.

The game’s producer noted that the game’s entire combat system is based on chance and that there is a cumulative effect when the player goes on a continuous streak that increases the chances of hitting the opponent more effectively. In the video, Belov constantly talked about the impossibility of simply “calling” opponents and how the combat system was made close to a real battle.

As the producer of the game stated, it has pumping, stones and artifacts that give bonuses to the player in matches are responsible for pumping. Each image has its own artifact. The game also provides stealth and the ability to pump diplomacy.

In each character, the player will have two melee weapons and one throwing and one shooting. Melee weapons are divided into light and heavy (for example, bardish and saber), shooting\throwing have a reload time. During the battle, it will be necessary to switch between all types, depending on the type of weapons of the opponents.

Although the game provides staged battle scenes, no more than five opponents will be able to fight against the player. There are also no partners in the action game, but there are different horses for each image designed for movement.

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