The developers of the game “Trouble” talked about the influence of the hero’s images on the gameplay and the game world

The developers of the game “Trouble” talked about the influence of the hero’s images on the gameplay and the game world

On the eve of the New Year, the creators of the game “Trouble” released a new developer diary, where they talk about the story mechanics of the gameplay and the previously introduced concept of “grievances” in the game. The special guest of the video is historian and writer Klym Zhukov. The main narrator in the video was the producer of the game Andrii Belov.

The game’s authors have previously stated that the game has the concept of “ghosts” and they affect the character’s characteristics and the attitude of the surrounding NPCs. The invited guest explained the historical background of these images and how appearance with clothing and weapons influenced attitudes between people in the 17th century in the city and on the battlefield.

The video says that in one of the missions, the image of the hero directly affects the outcome of the gameplay. For example, in the image of a warrior you can negotiate with robbers, but in the image of a shooter – not. The video also showed the reaction of NPCs to various images outside of game tasks, including moments of battles.

According to Andrii Belov, the images themselves affect the combat system and the auxiliary characteristics of the character. For example, in the image of a shisha, you will be able to beat opponents with a baton, and in the image of an archer – to fence with them with a saber. Supporting features can be the ability to have potions of healing, potions of healing and poison, potions of healing, and potions of dexterity.

The developers say that “Trouble” has an open world and players will have the opportunity to explore it. As in other such games, when leaving the road in the thick of the forest or deep in the field, the player has a chance to find some game items, treasures or hidden enemies.

At the same time, I would like to note that the video game process is very short (from 12 minutes to 2.5 minutes in total), as well as combat scenes. Therefore, we have to wait for the promised next video of the developers, which will be created for assembly from January 2024. In it, the developers promised to tell and show the long-awaited gameplay: the combat system, opponents, bosses and the pumping system.

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