The cost of Apple Vision Pro on Russian marketplaces reaches almost 1 million rubles

The cost of Apple Vision Pro on Russian marketplaces reaches almost 1 million rubles

Apple Vision Pro appeared on Russian marketplaces Depending on the online store and the seller, the headset can be delivered within 1-3 weeks (or more) from the moment of purchase. Prices for the headset, depending on the configuration, start at 578,000 rubles and reach 990,000 rubles.

On Yandex Market, the delivery results now show that orders can be delivered on February 9. But when going to the card, there is a note about the absence of the product. If the buyer has a Yandex card, a discount of 6,490 to 9,000 rubles is given on the points.

Ozon prices vary greatly depending on the seller and configuration. But it should be taken into account that in addition to the specified price tag, in some cases sellers add a duty of several tens of thousands of rubles (up to 90 thousand plus the price). But there is a headset in stock that you can buy right now for 850,000 rubles without additional fees and another for 826,000 rubles. On the same marketplace, there is the most expensive offer of all published now – a headset for 990 thousand rubles.

The headset is not for sale on Wildberries yet.

“We are considering the possibility of selling Apple Vision Pro at the SB site. We are currently negotiating with suppliers. We are waiting for delivery in mid-March. The average price at the current exchange rate will be approximately 530,000 rubles. There are no problems with the purchase and delivery, we will not make a pre-order,” said Wildberries, quote from “RIA Novosti”.

In the store restore: Apple Vision Pro can be ordered (delivery 8 weeks) at a price of 660 thousand rubles. In MTS, it is suggested to make a pre-order, but the cost is not indicated, just like in “M.Video-Eldorado”. On Avito, users offer the cheapest Apple Vision Pro at a price of 315,000 rubles, but given the reputation of the resource, it is possible that fraudsters are actively trying to play on the hype around Apple Vision Pro. We recommend being vigilant.

Earlier, the media reported that Apple Vision Pro will start selling in Russia at a price of approximately 500,000 rubles from the beginning of March. In the US, the release of the device will take place on February 2.

At the beginning of February this year, 2GIS released two programs for Apple Vision Pro. Both can be downloaded from the Vision Pro Marketplace. The first application has standard 2GIS functionality. The second is 2GIS Immersive, which allows using a headset to drag in space and view realistic 3D models of buildings, for example, the Moscow Kremlin, the building of Moscow State University, or the Kazan Cathedral located in St. Petersburg.

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