The client agreed, and then stopped responding How to continue the dialogue – 4 ways

The client agreed, and then stopped responding How to continue the dialogue – 4 ways

I tell you how we increased the turnover of the project by 30% with the help of one action, I share four of my proven ways to sell in personal correspondence if customers read and do not respond to you.

Greeting! My name is Anastasia Vangulova, I am a sales expert with 22 years of experience and seven years of experience in entrepreneurship.

Probably, you too have faced the fact that you have agreed on a payment with a potential client, he has already passed all the stages, you already have a pleasant expectation of closing the deal inside… and suddenly the person disappears somewhere. And so that you do not write, the person simply does not get in touch.

😊🤡Or a similar message arrives:

Although it seems that the objection has been worked out, and the product has been presented, and the client liked everything. But in fact there is no money in the cash register.

Bottom line: not only are you under-earning, but you’re also losing your inner drive and motivation.

I myself have systematically encountered this before. When the monthly turnover was 2 million rubles, and hot customers who are about to pay an additional amount of 2-3 million rubles.

For a long time, I tormented myself with the hope that people would eventually come back and buy. But according to statistics, only about 5% returned and paid the money. Others disappeared.

There will be no magic pill in this article, but I will share my most effective methods. They operate in almost any niche, regardless of the uniqueness of the product, the seriousness of the target audience and other parameters with which the owners and ROP justify their restrictive settings.

What to do if customers do not respond to you?

1. Dedicated to those who do not want to impose themselves on customers!

– Oh, I already wrote once. There is no answer. I probably won’t, he already refused.

And then they sit together, with their paws folded, and wait for the customers to notice them so beautiful and write them off. And here there are 2 news.

Bad: Not trying to resuscitate the client is a very bad habit that leads to unearned money.

Well, imagine, the client has already passed 90% of the stages and in the last 10%, instead of paying attention to the client, you serve your inner fears of appearing bad.

Beautiful: If the client does not respond to you, this does not mean that the offer is not interesting. Do not think for the client. Any prospect may not respond for a variety of reasons. It does not mean that he is ready to continue the dialogue with you. Imagine yourself as a customer for a moment and remember your silence in a similar situation. Maybe something distracted you from answering and then you forgot; maybe somewhere the housewife was taking attention.

2. A mistake is to allow a situation in which pressure is necessary.

Every time I come across this expression, I cringe.

A customer who says “no” is actually waiting for a “yes” argument. A manager who heard “no” and gave up is a manager, and he has a place in sales.

Words matter. Setting ourselves up for the “pressure” of the client, we instill in ourselves that the client is a source of money and we need to manipulate in order to take away from him. And in my opinion, this is very bad for business in the long run.

There is a rule in sales:

“When the client feels that you need it more, he doesn’t buy. When the client feels that he needs it more, he will buy it.”

Personally, my approach to sales is radical honesty, human relations and open communication. And that is why you can correspond with customers without pumping, steaming and demanding “a lot of money”.

Therefore, even an expert with an inveterate impostor will be comfortable using these methods of reanimation of the client.

If you send messages like this – with a high probability, you will lose the client:

It is important to understandThat the person lacked something to make a decision: Or expertise: or an emotional connection, or maybe he had doubts that he did not voice.

Always before making an offer, our main task is to discover true desires, to establish a connection and to give space to the person so that he can sincerely share his doubts with us. What he lacks to make a decision.

Through radical honesty, there will always be a WIN-WIN

The sale takes place in complete comfort, and the person buys with gratitude.

4 ways to lead a client from ignoring to selling in correspondence

(Usually, we apply these methods already after a meeting with a potential client)

1. We connect laughter therapy and cause a wave of positive emotions

Any person is pleased when a person communicates with them, and not a robot with a large stock of clichéd phrases like “Are you still relevant?”

When we send something to a client that brings a smile to his face, this is the most likely to continue the dialogue.

Here is another example through a rebus:

Make these touches non-standard, human, sincere: use humor, colloquial words and emoticons.

2. Give attention and care

Currently, the trend is for high checks. Many experts sell a package of consultations, which turns out to be a large amount for an ordinary person and she is afraid to go into her changes.

The person at the meeting with you is inspired, feels cared for and supported, he thinks that he will definitely buy a package of consultations and voices this desire. But out of habit, people talk to themselves when faced with the thought that changes are ahead of them.

And their brain starts to turn on the alarm mode:

So how to support the client in making a positive decision?

🎙📃Immediately after your call or after a couple of hours, record a voice or write a message where you sincerely share why you would like to work with the person, what are his strengths + remind him of his goal in working together

Believe me, any person will be pleased to hear words of support and faith addressed to him. The main thing is to do it sincerely. I always teach all my students to sell through care and profit for the client.

3. We ask the client what he lacks in order to make a decision.

The clients themselves, usually, do not voice the truth, why they changed their mind or refused. And this method is useful even for analyzing your sales.

In addition, during such a frank conversation, trust begins to be established, and you will learn the real objection of a person, which he did not voice, and you will be able to close this doubt.

An example of such a message:

4. Give homework

If we understand that the client is not buying from us now, then we can give him homework so that later we can take feedback and sell more.

Well, that’s all 🙂 What options did you like?

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Share in the comments your methods of selling customers who did not respond to you. It will be useful for everyone

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