The best of the week (29.01 – 04.02)

The best of the week (29.01 – 04.02)

Hello, Habre! In this digest, we will talk about our partners’ facaps, the runet crash that occurred on January 30, as well as the best articles of the past week.

▍ Company news

  • In the article “Business reputation? No, this year they did not tell about the facaps of the partners with whom we worked in 2023.
  • They shared their opinion with Forbes and RBC about what and why happened in Runet on the evening of January 30 (we remind you that users could not access sites in the .RU domain zone).
  • New instructions on how to install and run Apache on Windows Server have been released on the website. You can read here. By the way, in the “Reference” section you will find many other interesting articles.

▍ The best articles on Khabri for the past week


Free vector maps on your hosting

Let’s talk about Protomaps vector maps, with the help of which in just a couple of minutes you can select any area and get an autonomous map that works locally on your server/hosting or without a server (on S3).

πŸŽ‚ DOOM’s 30th Anniversary: ​​How Two Sadists, A Psychopath, and a Mormon Created One of the Greatest Games in History? Part 6

Let’s recall the history of the development of Wolfenstein 3D – a game that became a real sensation in the summer of 1992 in the world of PC games.

😎 Boat on XSS: How I hacked with a childish exploit

In this article, the author will tell how he used his knowledge of cyber security to detect an XSS vulnerability (Cross-Site Scripting) on ​​the largest chess site on the Internet with 100 million members –


A random number generator that you can run in your head

Let’s learn to quickly generate “fairly random” numbers.

🦠 About Chizhevsky’s chandelier and air ionization

From this article, you will learn about devices that allow you to receive aeroions, as well as about the most popular representative of the class of air ionizers – Chizhevsky’s chandelier.

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