The best of the week (26.02 – 03.03)

The best of the week (26.02 – 03.03)

Hello, Habre! Today we will talk about the award in which we participate, the trends of the cloud services market and the best articles of the past week: about the intricacies of layout and web development, the problems of the GNOME environment and the Windows NT kernel.

▍ Company news

  • Voting for the national award “TsODy.RF” started a few days ago, at which we are represented in three nominations: “Person of the Year”, “Hoster of the Year” and “Creative of the Year”. Please register on the award website and support our company!
  • They commented on the news about the growth of the cloud services market by 33.9% in 2023. In our opinion, one of the trends of 2024 will be the increase in the price of cloud services, which will be provoked not only by restrictions, but also by the consolidation of the market caused by the introduction of the registry of hosting providers.
  • Released instructions on how to install Apache Tomcat on Ubuntu 22.04. Tomcat provides a runtime environment for Java applications in the form of a servlet container that manages their lifecycle, processing HTTP requests and sending responses.

▍ The best articles on Khabri for the past week


The mess in GNOME is no accident

GNOME managed to achieve the seemingly impossible: it is the most limited and bloated desktop environment for Linux. But this is not just a coincidence. This is the result of the arrogance and dilettantism of the core developers, who turned the architectural solutions of GNOME into a masterpiece of chaos.


Digital Music on Microcomputers (Part 2/2)

In the first part of the article, we learned about the existence of such a phenomenon as digital music, and then delved into the details of this story within the framework of the ZX Spectrum platform, which was hotly loved in the post-Soviet space. But at the same time, similar developments existed and were actively developing on other platforms, mainly foreign ones. Let’s talk about them this time.

🔹 Why Windows is so much slower than Linux. Feature creep

Although Windows outperforms Linux in some tasks, it is actually slower in most tests. The problem is how the process of developing and making changes to the OS is organized. In the world of corporate software, changes are most often made for reasons of selfishness, the desire for career advancement, fame, etc. All this leads to product degradation.


How smooth will JavaScript be by 2024?

On different sites, we will check how much work the browser needs to do for parsing and executing the code.

🔹 Crutches from the 90s and the HTML First principle

Going back to the basics of HTML, simple sites and code without complex frameworks is quite a popular idea. Currently, more and more sites are created according to the HTML First principle. It is interesting to remember that for several decades developers had to use HTML in very exotic ways.

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