The best of the week (11.12 – 17.12)

The best of the week (11.12 – 17.12)

Hello, Habre! In this digest, we will give predictions for the year 2024, talk about a game weighing 96 kilobytes and the best articles of the past week.

▍ Company news

  • Managing partner and founder of RUVDS Nikita Tsaplin shared his opinion on why hosting will become more expensive in 2024. And there are enough reasons for this: legislative changes, the dollar exchange rate, the need to buy software and hardware, inflation and much more.
  • From December 18, our satellite server broadcasts a link to an archive with a very unusual game that weighs only 96 kilobytes! You can learn more about the .kkrieger shooter from our new article, and find the download link on this landing page.

  • Commented on the news that some providers cannot apply for registration in the Roskomnadzor registry. Registration in the registry opened on December 1, and by December 15, all hosting companies in Russia must apply to provide services to their customers from February 2024.

▍ The best articles on Khabri for the past week


FFmpeg graphical shells

FFmpeg is originally a console utility that combines over 300 video/audio/graphics codecs, decoders, muxers, demuxers and filters for audio and video processing/compression/editing in a single binary. Therefore, new variants of graphical shells for FFmpeg appear, so that absolutely all users get access to the tool.

🔹 You don’t need JavaScript for this

Browser developers and spec writers have ported to CSS and HTML much of the functionality that only a few years ago required JS. That is why in many cases it is better to use them than JS.

🔹 We assemble a three-dimensional display on a Raspberry Pi

From this article, you will learn how to make a device at home that resembles a flickering candle from any angle.

🔹 DOOM’s 30th Anniversary: ​​How Two Sadists, A Psychopath, and a Mormon Created One of the Greatest Games in History?

Meet John Carmack and John Romero, the masterminds of the DOOM game. We learn how their lives were before they met in Shreepworth, Louisiana.


Classical programming is on the verge of extinction

Due to the active development of neural networks, the end of the era of classical computer science is approaching, and most programmers froze like dinosaurs waiting for a meteorite to fall.

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