the best Nintendo Switch accessories for 2024

the best Nintendo Switch accessories for 2024

The Nintendo Switch is an impressive home gaming console and portable system, but you can expand its functionality with these cool accessories and peripherals.

We offer you a review of the best accessories for the Nintendo Switch, according to PC Mag. Everyone will find something for themselves: controllers, headsets and memory cards.

Best Nintendo Switch MicroSD Card

The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite each have 32 GB of memory, while the OLED Switch has 64 GB. It’s enough to get you started, but not enough to build a decent game library that doesn’t require constant uninstalling and downloading of games.

Fortunately, the Switch has a microSD card slot that supports standard microSD cards up to an impressive 2TB. With the Samsung Evo Select 256GB MicroSDXC Card + Adapter, you get a fast U3-rated card for less than $40.

The best custom Nintendo Switch gamepad

Nintendo makes great accessories, and the Switch Pro Controller is one of the company’s best. It feels good in the hand, works well, and has almost all the same features as the Joy-Cons, including motion detection and Amiibo scanning technology. If you mostly play on the Switch dock, this is a much more ergonomic choice than using the Joy-Cons and controllers.

The best alternative gamepad for Nintendo Switch

The Switch Pro Controller is a good gamepad on its own, but the 8Bitdo Pro 2 beats it on almost every front. It’s cheaper, works seamlessly with Switch, PC, and Android devices, has programmable back buttons, and supports reassigning full control via macros via a Windows app.

The best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con replacement

The Joy-Cons are smart and flexible input devices, but they’re not the most comfortable controllers.

The Hori Split Pad Pro is a great alternative if you’re using the Switch as a portable device. These Joy-Con-like controllers only work when plugged directly into the system, but they’re bigger, much more comfortable, and have a great control pad for fighting games and platformers.

The best Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch

The Switch has plenty of classic arcade games, so you’ll want to recreate the authentic feel with a stick.

The 8Bitdo Arcade Stick is a reliable joystick controller that connects to a Switch or PC via Bluetooth or a USB transmitter. It works well and is much cheaper than other controllers in this class.

The best wireless Nintendo Switch headset

The Switch supports Bluetooth, but not all headphones handle multiple connections well. The Razer Barracuda X supports Bluetooth, but that’s not all that makes it really useful.

This headset also comes with a USB-C transmitter, so you can play wirelessly with the highest sound quality.

Plus, the Razer Barracuda X works just as well with your phone as it does with your console.

The best true wireless headphones for the Nintendo Switch

True wireless headphones aren’t usually thought of as made for gaming, but the Anker Soundcore VR P10 are an exception.

These Bluetooth headphones have a USB-C transmitter, so you can get sound through your phone and switch without constantly re-pairing. They also have a cool light-up element on the headphones.

The best Nintendo Switch game capture device

The Switch’s Capture button lets you take screenshots and short video clips, but that’s not enough for streamers and other content creators.

If you want to record or stream your gameplay, you’ll need a dedicated capture device like the Elgato HD60 X. This little box lets you record video coming from your Switch while displaying it on your TV via HDMI pass-through.

It supports 4K video at 30fps, but the 1080p60 mode is more important for Switch video.

Best Nintendo Switch Ethernet Adapter

This is another accessory specific to the original Switch, as its dock does not have an Ethernet port like the OLED Switch.

The Switch’s Wi-Fi is reliable, but if you want faster internet speeds when the console is docked, you’ll need a wired network connection. This Hori Ethernet adapter plugs into the Switch’s dock so you can connect a cable from your router.

The best stand for the original Nintendo Switch

The weakest part of the original Switch design is the plastic stand that covers the microSD card slot.

It is flimsy, easy to remove and does not hold the switch vertically. However, there is a way out! The Nyko Kick Stand is a metal version of the Switch’s plastic stand. The Nyko Kick Stand attaches securely to the system and has a microSD card storage slot.

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