Tesla electric cars release steam during fast charging

Tesla electric cars release steam during fast charging

In the cold season, some Tesla electric cars can emit steam during rapid charging of the traction battery. However, this is provided for in the operating instructions.

It says that vehicles with a heat pump as part of the standard climate system can emit steam from under the front part of the body under certain climatic conditions. This is due to the fact that ice forms on the heat exchanger of the cooling system at negative temperatures, and for normal charging, the on-board climate system must heat the battery up to 42 degrees Celsius. With such warming, the ice melts and turns into water, which then evaporates.

However, there is a problem consists of in that some Tesla owners may mistake the steam for smoke and call the fire department or a tow truck for a service trip. Experts advise to pay attention to the absence of the smell of smoke.

Earlier, users filmed a Tesla Model Y towing a full-size trailer in Texas.

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