Tesla Cybertruck traveled 257 km in a towing test

Tesla Cybertruck traveled 257 km in a towing test

The Tesla Cybertruck covered 257 km in a U-Haul trailer towing test with a Tesla Model Y, the VoyageATX YouTube channel shared the test results. The total load was 2721 kg, according to Electrek.

The maximum towing capacity of the Tesla Cybertruck is estimated at 4,535 kg. The test included driving 177 km on highways and city roads. During the trip, the electric pickup truck consumed about 468 Wh per kilometer when towing. Thus, it took 83 kWh to cover 257 km with a full charge of the battery with a capacity of 123 kWh.

One factor that could increase the Cybertruck’s towing range is likely to be wheel size. At the moment, Tesla only ships the electric pickup with 20-inch wheels, but in the future, the Cybertruck will also ship with 19-inch wheels, which should increase efficiency.

The Cybertruck Dual Motor version with 20-inch wheels has a range of 515 km. Tesla plans to equip the electric pickup with a Range Extender battery, which will be located in the body and increase the range by more than 160 km.

At the beginning of the year, the Cybertruck drove 409 km of highway at an average speed of 113 km/h with a full battery. Earlier, the manufacturer assured that the car has a range of 511 km. The tests were carried out at a temperature of 8 °C, the battery was completely discharged.

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