Telly introduces ChatGPT-based Hey Telly voice assistant for free 4K TVs with a second screen for advertising

Telly introduces ChatGPT-based Hey Telly voice assistant for free 4K TVs with a second screen for advertising

US company Telly has introduced OpenAI’s ChatGPT-based Hey Telly voice assistant for its free-to-use 55-inch 4K TVs with a second screen to constantly show ads that cannot be covered or turned off.

Telly has clarified that users will be able to interact with Hey Telly on the second (bottom) screen of the TV, and the AI ​​will eventually learn to recognize each family member and offer users personalized recommendations.

The existing voice assistant in the free 4K TV Telly is based on a solution from SoundHound and is limited to common tasks such as setting a timer, changing picture modes or answering simple questions from users.

Telly did not say how its fleet of free-to-air TVs is doing, except to say that it has already shipped “thousands” of TVs to customers.

A Telly representative explained to the media that viewers remember ads on the second screen better than ads in traditional commercial breaks. The company reported a recall rate of more than 60% for its recent Kia advertising campaign.

“We are turning the largest home screen into the most powerful retail channel since the Internet,” Telly CEO Ilya Pozin, who is also a co-founder of streaming service Pluto TV, told the media.

On May 15, the American startup Telly presented free 4K TVs. The company is going to distribute 500,000 devices in the first phase of its business plan, which are equipped with a second screen for displaying advertisements.

In July, Telly announced that it would begin shipping free second-screen TVs to customers to show ads.

The main panel of the free 4K TV is represented by a 55-inch 4K display with HDR support. The device is based on TellyOS, which does not yet support third-party streaming services. The TV comes with a smart adapter for connecting to Android TV (it connects to one of the three HDMI ports). A second display below the main panel displays an ad that cannot be turned off. It will appear on the right side of the screen as a video or on the left side as a sponsored news report. In addition, users will be able to place widgets with the weather forecast, news feeds or sports results on the second display.

The Telly 4K TV is equipped with a sound bar that separates the two displays. In addition, the device is equipped with a camera that Telly offers to use for video calls, fitness classes and games.

Options for using the Telly 4K TV:

  • parents watch the news on the main display while their kids play Flappy Bird on the lower display;

  • video calls, in which the current speaker occupies the screen of the main TV, and other participants are displayed on the lower display;

  • listening to music from your chosen service on an additional screen while watching something (without sound) on the main display;

  • watching movies or sports games together with friends. The main content is at the top, and your friends will be visible on the second screen.

Telly promises to provide long-term software support for its 4K TVs and release updates and access to new features for users and advertisers as the current TV model evolves.

There will be a lot of ads, but Telly wants the bottom screen to be really useful. These ads are examples only and are not purchased advertiser slots.

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