Telegram bot and site for systematizing tasks, or as a hobby is involved in the main work

Telegram bot and site for systematizing tasks, or as a hobby is involved in the main work

Good day, reader!

About history

I worked, which means I worked, and the tasks kept falling. were going The tasks are specific and cannot be solved quickly. I tried various programs, but there was no point – it’s a good thing, but I quickly got tired of entering the application and setting a bunch of parameters for a certain task – it’s inconvenient, and the parameters are still not the same. I work in the field of construction, so sometimes it is necessary to make work schedules and simply monitor the progress of tasks.

Not being a programmer – just a hobby, I wrote this system for myself back in 2022. At the moment, it has been in existence for more than a year, and I continue to use everything and do not abandon it, which means that I did everything correctly. Well, for sure. The first year, the site and bot were called something like:, but a year passed, to extend the domain, more money was needed than to buy a new domain, so without thinking long, I bought a new domain and transferred all the good things to it. New domain:

This is my first article for the general public, and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t stumbled upon a person’s article about organizing lists. And the article is interesting to a person, and people liked it to some extent. And since it is not possible to find my site, a bot, by searching, I decided to comb through this matter a little and create this article.

How is it arranged?

Everything is arranged very simply, you write a message to the Telegram bot or send an image – and it is saved in your personal account on the site. If necessary, this message can be posted there on the website

  • edit,

  • assign three types of dates (start, end, visit time),

  • assign any number of tags.

After performing these manipulations with the message, you can:

  • mark as done

  • hide from general screen,

  • use in the construction of the work performance schedule (or another schedule (there is only one type of schedule so far)),

  • use an array with selection by tags for Reports (sending to mail, output to the Telegram bot, saving to the site database),

  • comment,

  • make visible to other users,

  • remove.

Also, after the first distribution of the message, you can change the terms, while all changed dates of visits will be remembered, change tags.

Tags allow:

  • qualitatively and thoughtfully sort notes, tasks,

  • draw up Reports to be sent to email,

  • pin frequently used main tags to the top of the menu.

The tags are respectively clickable and pairs of views, it is important that from the Telegram bot menu you can create something like a report for the tags (otherwise – view the current lists), and through the site interface you can create reports that will be sent to the e-mail addresses specified by you and saved on the site itself, in the form of tasks in which they are at the time of compiling the report.

Organized Visit Calendar, where you can see scheduled visits. Reminders are not provided yet.

Registration, password recovery takes place only through the Telegram bot. You can create new notes only through the bot, but also through the site interface.

What programming language does this all work in?

All this works on php, mysqli, javascript. Among the tools used are bootstrap, and cool fontawesome icons… Generated, but cool crap from some smart intelligence acts as standard images for tasks.


Website address:

Bot address:

Bot information:

As an example of photos, I do not give my tasks, but simply to demonstrate the general appearance:

This is what the sorting note looks like

This is what an open note looks like, it is possible to leave comments

This is what the main page looks like

An example of a schedule, with automatic tracking and marking of unexecuted processes

Not for the sake of PR, but for the sake of a lot of criticism =)

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