“Telecom Exchange” will protect web resources of KROC Cloud Services from cyber attacks

“Telecom Exchange” will protect web resources of KROC Cloud Services from cyber attacks

“Telecom Exchange” now protects KROC Cloud services from various types of cyber attacks on the company’s web resources, and has already shown its effectiveness in reflecting DDoS attacks. Protection extends both to the level of sites and APIs of mobile applications, and to the level of channel infrastructure.

To prevent unauthorized influence on the KROC Cloud Services website, Telecom Exchange uses a domestic traffic filtering platform designed to display DDoS, targeted and bot attacks. The system automatically analyzes traffic data and blocks it if deviations are detected. At each network layer, the following are sequentially detected and filtered: bulk UDP Flood with amplification (L3), incorrect network TCP and session SSL connections (L4), malicious HTTPS bot requests (L7). In addition, thanks to the use of machine learning technologies, algorithms are constantly being improved, due to which the accuracy of detecting attacks increases.

“We have been cooperating with Telecom Exchange for more than 10 years. Our first joint projects were related to the creation of an optical ring connecting data centers of KROC Cloud services by independent routes. Later, the company began to provide infrastructure — fiber and communication services for us and our customers. Since 2021, Telecom Exchange has also become our partner. We were convinced of the high reliability of the services provided by the company, we saw how it effectively manages to repel attacks, so we decided to use its solutions to protect our website,” he said. Serhii Zinkevich, director of the KROC Cloud Services business unit.

“KROK Cloud services is one of the leading providers on the market, which pays more attention to ensuring the reliable operation of its platform, starting from the way they build their data centers, ending with the fact that they constantly deploy additional services that allow strengthening protection against unauthorized access and cyber. For our part, we make every effort to close the need for high-quality means of countering DDoS and targeted attacks: we constantly increase our competences, improve services and solutions, adapting them to the needs of customers, and integrate best practices and technologies in the field of data protection into products.” – told Yevhen Krainov, CEO of Telecom Exchange.

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