teenagers will be restricted from accessing content on Facebook and Instagram

teenagers will be restricted from accessing content on Facebook and Instagram

The company Meta has announced that social networks Instagram and Facebook will have more content hidden from teenagers – in an effort to protect children from harmful information. From now on, the control settings will be stricter, and the search conditions on Instagram will be more limited, Meta reported on its blog.

Age-inappropriate content will now be hidden, even if shared by someone they follow.

The company already tries not to recommend such content to teenagers on Reels. And when someone posts harmful content (for example, showing eating disorders or self-harming), Meta will share resources with expert organizations that can help. In particular, contacts of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

“Now we are trying to implement these changes for teenagers under 18 years of age. In the coming months, they will be fully implemented on Instagram and Facebook.” – says the Meta message.

The company says it allows users to discuss their struggles with suicide, self-harm and eating disorders and share related content.

However, Meta is working on making it harder to find such content. So when people search for terms related to these issues, social networks will hide the results and direct the user to experts for help. This algorithm will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Teens will receive messages in which the company will offer to update their security and privacy settings. If users agree, Meta will automatically change their settings. This will lead to some limitations. In particular, for those who want to repost content, tag or mention users in posts.

In addition, the user will be able to receive messages only from his followers. Meta will also hide messages that contain offensive comments.

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As a reminder, data privacy laws in the EU created such a problem for Meta that it introduced a subscription fee to circumvent them.

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