“System administrator” — a new Yandex Praktikuma course

“System administrator” — a new Yandex Praktikuma course

In 6 months, learn how to administer Linux on real company projects and master the DevOps base. And after the course, you can get an internship at Yandex Cloud and with partners.

Who is the course suitable for?

  • to everyone who wants to develop in software administration

  • technical specialists from other areas

  • Windows system administrators

You will learn in 6 months

  • Administration of the Linux operating system family

  • Work with databases using SQL

  • Understand the work of mail and network services DNS and DHCP

  • Understand the basics of DevOps and work with Docker

  • Manage infrastructure like code

  • Understand the basics of working with TCP/IP networks

  • Free yourself from routine with the help of automation

Peculiarities of learning

  • You will perform practical tasks on the infrastructure in Yandex Cloud, which is close to real projects.

  • Webinars with mentors from Yandex and other large companies in each module.

  • A well-known theory in the format of an interactive textbook.

  • Practice on real projects. You will be able to create a project for real customers together with other students: programmers, testers and designers.

  • YandexGPT helps you learn.

We will help you find a job: we will talk about the labor market, teach you how to write a resume, a cover letter and respond to vacancies. And the best students of the course will be offered a paid internship at Yandex Cloud and other partner companies.

The System Administrator course has a free introductory part that will help you understand whether this training format is right for you. If you decide to continue, it is not necessary to pay for the course in full – you can pay for it from the Practicum or on credit.


  • 17,000 ₽/month – for 6 months for payments from the Practicum.

  • 98,000 ₽ for the entire course with a discount if you pay immediately.

The nearest start is February 15

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