Sword and Magic VII / Hebrew

Sword and Magic VII / Hebrew

I think everyone has heard about the universe of Sword and Magic with an eventful history. At least through “Heroes”, which are also part of this great franchise. Being a big fan of the series, I have already talked about Might and Magic VIII, which started my acquaintance with this world, but it is by no means the most favorite in my heart. I will say right away that the first parts of the series were studied by me only on YouTube, so it is not entirely correct to take them into account. But he already passed the games from the sixth to the eighth on his own (some more than once). Moreover, I have immersed myself in the lore of this universe as much as possible and can consider that I understand it very well. As a result, after analyzing all the information and the experience gained, I personally decided that the seventh part is the most suitable. I like how the authors transformed the ideas of the predecessor, improving and refining everything – from the role-playing system to the graphic component, leaving the gameplay essence and preserving the quality of the development of the plot. And the possibility in the course of the development of events to choose the side of the conflict, as well as the path of evil or good, was pleasantly surprising in those years! Moreover, this choice is not just conditional and aesthetic (as in many other games), but affects various quests, the visual of the game interface, which subclasses you will get and which spells you will have.

I happily return to the game every few years to immerse myself in my favorite universe, fight harpies, dragons and many other monsters familiar to everyone from “Heroes”. And with mods that improve gameplay and some gameplay aspects, it’s doubly fun to do!

Having conducted a vote in the Telegram channel on whether it is worth doing its full course on the stream and then writing an article, I received the support of subscribers. The streaming series has long since ended, it’s time to fulfill the second part of the promise. Therefore, today I will tell you why you should return to the world of the game and become a participant in the events that can change not only the Lands of Eratia and the continent of Antagarich, but also the entire planet!

Sword and Sorcery VII is created on the improved engine of the sixth part and, in my opinion, is more advanced in almost every aspect, second only to the size of the world. The game is a rather large-scale role-playing game of the old school, in which you, traveling to your native (thanks to “Heroes”) places, meet old acquaintances and fight face-to-face with monsters from your favorite universe! And many tasks, diluted with rare, but contextually justified puzzles, create an additional incentive to explore this world. The wonderful music written by Paul Romero adds to the additional lightness. It was he who gave the fairy-tale surroundings and easily recognizable atmosphere to almost all the games of the Heroes Of Might And Magic series and several parts of Might And Magic (from the sixth to the ninth). His compositions are so wonderful that they deserve to be listened to even apart from the projects for which they were written. If you can’t or don’t want to spend time playing games, just turn on these amazing tunes – even if they don’t make you nostalgic, they will at least give you a listening pleasure!

At the start of the adventure, you should gather a party: choose the portraits of your protégés, their class, race, and the initial skills they will be taught at the start. Also, don’t forget to distribute stat points. Although there is no character editor as such, you will still spend a certain amount of time creating the party of your dreams, choosing from many variations.

Despite the general gameplay similarity with the sixth part, Sword and Magic 7 has a large number of innovations that greatly enrich the gaming experience. Personally, the most important change for me was the improved system of leveling up heroes. If in MM6 the ward can learn any of the 28 skills, then restrictions have appeared in the seven: now each class has the opportunity to learn only certain skills (the rest will either be unavailable or remain at the basic level of mastery). This rules out situations where a conventional warrior could be a master of magic.

After you learn new abilities and start putting points into their development, you need to find an instructor who can advance the character in the skill. They live in different parts of the continent (and not always in cities), so to become a great expert in some knowledge, you will have to try.

Another innovation of MM7, which greatly deepens the gameplay, was the addition of a new level of development of abilities: “Grandmaster”. And if in the previous game of the series you could become a Master of any skill (regardless of the class, since there were no restrictions on learning), now only certain specialties can reach the highest degree.

Despite the fact that the “six” has a huge army of loyal fans, I understand that there are a lot of rough spots. Therefore, in my opinion, to a certain extent, Sword and Sorcery VII is a work on mistakes, an attempt to correct past shortcomings and bring old mechanics to a new level, while adding something new.

The first thing that catches the eye of a fan of the series is the improved graphic component. Advanced 3D effects and hardware acceleration brought the picture of the seventh part to a new level (compared to the sixth), and together with the improved game balance, they completely raised the quality of the game to a higher level!

The next significant innovation that sets the game apart from the family is a non-linear adventure with the possibility of choosing (both the sides of the conflict and the paths of light or darkness) and the presence of several different endings.

If you like games of that era, then I sincerely recommend playing this part! Just a few years ago, you might have been skeptical of this proposition, justifying your doubts on the fact that the game is very outdated and it will be banally uncomfortable to play. But not now! I hasten to please that there is a global mod for the game, which almost does not add “scratches”, but only refines and deepens the game, allowing it to run without any problems on modern systems with the help of a wide-format resolution. And the fact that the modification is regularly improved and released in new versions inspires positive hopes in the hearts of true fans!

The mod is called “World of Enroth” or “Might and Magic 6, 7, 8 Merge”. It was made on the basis of the eighth part, so do not be surprised that you will launch the game from the shortcut of this project. However, after starting, you will immediately be prompted to choose the continent on which your journey will begin (Enroth, Antagarych and Jadam, where the events of MM6, MM7 and MM8 respectively took place).

One of the most repulsive reasons why I didn’t always want to go back to Might and Magic 6-8 back in the day is the awkward viewing angle controls, which I’m sure would annoy many people today. Let me explain: previously, instead of using the mouse, you had to “turn your head” by pressing individual keys on the keyboard. Yes, you get used to it, and in the future you generally stop noticing any inconvenience… the only question is, why? This is exactly what the fans decided and created a modification that:

  • allows you to use “Mouse-look”;

  • combines all parts of the series into one, thereby giving the opportunity not only to choose characters from different parts for your party, but also to travel between continents (the events of the sixth, seventh and eighth parts take place in the same world, just on different continents);

  • adds a new quest that turns your travels between continents into one interesting story and explains how you participate in events that took place in different places and time spans.

When I heard about this mod, the first thought was: “What if after completing one of the parts, I take on the same game, because my team will be too strong?”. The creators of the modification took care of this too, allowing you to adjust the power of monsters right in the menu, which keeps you interested during further progress. Or, using the mechanics from MM8, you can disband your entire party and hire new adventurers at the hotel!

And for the hotkeys for quick saving, loading and casting spells, I say a HUGE thank you to the mod developers! Now each magic of any hero can be hung on a certain button and cast them with just one click!

What can the modification (World of Enroth) offer in dry residue? A wide variety of classes and races (even ones that never appeared in the original game, like zombies and ghost dragons from Heroes), magic, weapons and armor, as well as relics and artifacts, all in one place, thanks to which, passing the seventh part, you can find an artifact, for example, from the eight. And the ability to hire dragons from MM8 to your party allows you to play the sixth part like never before. You can stop at the interface from any part of the series, and also enable the dynamic weather added by this mod.

Might and Magic VII is one of the best old-school games out there, and thanks to fashion, it still holds up well these days. It fixes all the main problem areas of the project, allowing you to comfortably immerse yourself in the gameplay. And the fact that the modification is regularly (for many years already) refined and improved by the community, speaks of a large army of fans and gives hope that it will only get better in the future!

It has become easier to touch the classics, because in the Telegram channel “Old-fashioned gamer” I have posted an archive with an already unpacked game and mod. Well, if you are a fan of self-installation, you will find an installer there. Use it – rejoice!

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