stable volume, faster browsing, etc

stable volume, faster browsing, etc

Google has announced a major update to its YouTube video streaming platform, which has received “three dozen new features and design updates.” Here are some of them.

New features include stable volume, giving you better control over sound on mobile devices. This option is automatically activated in the settings to reduce the annoying volume difference when playing different videos. If desired, volume compensation can be turned off manually.

It is now possible to rewind the video by doubling the playback speed (in full screen or portrait mode) by holding anywhere in the player (with the mouse cursor or with your finger, depending on your device).

When you reach the desired part of the video, simply stop clicking to resume playback at normal speed. This feature will be available on web browsers, tablets and mobile devices.

The ability to zoom in on the preview image makes it easier to find the part of the video you’re looking for. To avoid interrupting video playback due to an accidental touch to the screen, the video service has added an additional screen lock on phones and tablets.

To make it easier to find all your YouTube content in one place, the Library tab and Account page have been combined into a new home page called Your Tab, where you can find your previously watched videos, playlists, downloads and purchases, and as well as account-related settings and channel information.

From now on, you can find the You tab where the Library tab used to be on the web, mobile devices, and tablets.

YouTube will also get a Shazam-like feature to recognize songs being played. The user can play the song, sing or hum the melody, and YouTube has to use artificial intelligence to recognize what the song is. Google plans to initially introduce this feature to Android devices over the next few weeks.

On Smart TV, viewers can find details about the video they’re watching in a new vertical menu that provides quick access to features like Video Description, Comments, Subscribe Button, and Video Sections. You just need to click on the title of the video while watching it to open the info menu.

More animations: Now when creators ask viewers to Like or Subscribe, a visual prompt on those buttons will appear in sync with the video. As soon as fans press this button, they will be “rewarded” with a subtle explosion of playful glitter.

Additionally, a new animation has been added for new video uploads that updates views and likes in real-time within the first 24 hours to show how many other users are interacting with what they’re watching.

We previously reported that YouTube is launching a news page.

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