“Spectr-UV” will not be launched before 2030 due to a lack of funding

“Spectr-UV” will not be launched before 2030 due to a lack of funding

There is a high probability that the launch of the domestic orbital observatory “Spectr-UV” will take place no earlier than 2030, reports TARS with reference to the director of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INASAN) Mykhailo Sachkov. The reason for this is insufficient funding of the project. At the beginning of 2023, scientists assumed that the launch could take place in 2029.

Mykhailo Sachkov

Director of INASAN

“The main problem for us is the financial situation, which forces us to adjust the timing of the launch of the mission. If at the beginning of the year we talked about the fact that the launch could theoretically take place in 2029, then the negotiations that took place recently in Roscosmos make us strongly doubt this and think about postponing the launch to 2030. The funds allocated for the construction of “Spectra-UV” next year will be very limited.”

Sachkov emphasized that the postponement of the launch is connected only with the financial component of the project. All technical problems have been solved, in particular, the difficulties caused by the refusal of foreign partners to further participate in the program have been solved.

The Spektr-UV space complex is being developed by the NGO named after S. A. Lavochkina and INASAN (the main organization in the project) by order of the state corporation “Roscosmos”. The launch of the mission was originally planned for 2025. As indicated on the website of the NGO named after S. A. Lavochkina, the observatory is necessary for conducting fundamental astrophysical research in the ultraviolet and visible ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum with high angular resolution and for recording gamma radiation in the range from 10 keV to 10 MeV.

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