SpaceX has unveiled a new website for Starlink cellular communications

SpaceX has unveiled a new website for Starlink cellular communications

SpaceX has launched a new website dedicated to promoting the upcoming Starlink service for mobile phones, reports PC Mag.

The company presented the “Starlink Direct to Cell” page with the slogan:

“Hassle-free access to text, voice and data for LTE phones worldwide.”

The system will connect to the Starlink satellite network in Earth orbit to transmit cellular data to unmodified smartphones.

A year ago, SpaceX said it hoped to launch the service later this year with partner T-Mobile. But there was no official information about the launch of the service.

Information on the new website suggests that SpaceX plans to launch a text messaging service via satellite next year.

In 2025, the company plans to include voice and text messages. In addition, this system will support cellular communication with IoT devices.

The service appears poised to compete with Apple’s Emergency SOS satellite feature for the iPhone, as well as AST Space Mobile, which also aims to bring cellular satellite service to non-modified smartphones next year.

The new SpaceX website states:

Direct to Cell works with LTE phones wherever you can see the sky. No need to change hardware, firmware or install special programs that provide seamless access to text, voice and data”.

But before SpaceX can officially launch the service, the company must first get approval from the Federal Communications Commission.

SpaceX seeks speedy approval of the application by the regulator for the use of the necessary radio bands. However, other companies, including Dish Network and Apple partner Globalstar, oppose SpaceX’s efforts to develop cellular satellite service.

Meanwhile, the new Starlink Direct to Cell website states that SpaceX plans to equip the company’s satellites “eNodeB advanced modem”. The result could turn the Starlink satellite into “a cell phone tower in space that enables network integration similar to a standard roaming partner.”

The company also hopes to attract partnerships with other cellular operators.

We recently reported that Amazon is launching the first two Kuiper satellites – the answer to Starlink.

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