Sony faced low sales of PlayStation VR 2

Sony faced low sales of PlayStation VR 2

Journalists from Bloomberg reported that Sony has faced low sales of the PlayStation VR 2 headset. Because of this, the company is halting production until stocks run out.

Sources told Bloomberg that Sony has produced more than 2 million units of the PlayStation VR 2, but is unable to sell them. Devices are sent to retail chains, but they do not sell well. New sets stop being ordered, and Sony continues to produce headsets and fill its own warehouse.

To solve the problem, the company suspended production to get rid of inventory. Analysts believe that between 2023 and 2028, sales of VR headsets will grow by 31.5% per year. The reason was the release of Apple Vision Pro. A new device on the market will fuel interest in more affordable models.

Journalists believe that all manufacturers of VR devices face the problem of lack of content. Third-party developers do not want to release a game and application for virtual reality. The device market is initially small, so it is more profitable and easier to make a game for PC or smartphones.

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