“Sirius” will start an experimental IT specialist for 9th grade graduates

“Sirius” will start an experimental IT specialist for 9th grade graduates

A new educational program for 9th grade graduates will be launched on the basis of the Sirius University of Science and Technology, the purpose of which will be the accelerated training of young research engineers and leaders of technological projects, reports TARS. The work is carried out together with “leading technology companies”. Winners and prize-winners of the final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in mathematics, informatics or physics will be able to enter the specialist without entrance exams.

As part of the program, graduates should receive a full set of competencies in the field of IT for a “significant” reduction in study time. At the same time, students will be able to obtain secondary and higher education. In the first and second years at Sirius, they will learn the general school program, after the second year they will receive a certificate of complete secondary education. The third and fourth courses will be devoted to professional training.

“The decision to adopt an experimental legal regime was approved at a meeting of the Council of the Federal Territory. Thanks to this, Sirius will launch a new educational program in the field of modern technologies and information security for 9th grade graduates called “Design, development and management of complex information systems”. It has already passed the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation,” — a quote from TARS.

According to the specialty page on the Sirius website, the curriculum includes:

  • general education and social and humanitarian disciplines: mathematics, computer science, Russian language, literature, social science, history, geography, foreign language, physics, chemistry, biology, philosophy, legal bases of regulation in the IT sphere, modern social sciences, management of project activities in the IT sphere, basics of technological entrepreneurship , physical culture and sports;

  • fundamental disciplines: physics, chemistry, biology, numerical methods, mathematical logic and theory of algorithms, systems theory, basics of mechatronics and robotics, basics of security and defense of the Motherland;

  • basic professional disciplines: programming, database management systems, mathematics of big data and computing, cloud infrastructures, functional analysis for machine learning and computing, parallel programming, information protection in IS and networks, methods of building digital devices and systems, distributed registers;

  • special professional disciplines: system analysis, information protection in IS and networks, storage and data analysis, data visualization for decision-making, industrial technologies and programming languages, information systems and technologies in enterprise management, planning of secure systems and products, modeling of attacks and analysis of system vulnerabilities and the Internet of things, cloud databases, fundamentals of designing cyber-physical systems, development of corporate programs, office systems, business process automation technologies.

As partners, leading technological companies are listed: “Rosatom”, “Gazprom Nafta”, Russian Railways, “Rostelecom”, “VK”, Positive Technologies, “Astra Group”, “Yandex” and T1. Students will be provided with mentors from these companies. In the fifth year, students will be offered an internship in one of the specified partner companies.

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