Satellite against garbage

Satellite against garbage

Do you remember our game “Atomic Count”? If anything, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it. And now we have a new one sick fantasy development – the game “Satellite vs. Garbage”. The name says: you, in the form of your alterego – a satellite – fly in the Earth’s space and dodge all the nonsense that circles the Earth. It will even be possible to vaporize something with a laser, you are such a militarist apparatus. Although not, of course, we were inspired by something completely different: on July 11, 2023, our picosatellite with a space server separated from the launch container and became a free bird. And somewhere in the depths of our souls, at the very bottom, we were worried whether the satellite would collide with some space debris.

Did you invent some game again?

Never at all! The problem of space debris has been talked about for many years, and now it is getting louder. The fact is that for about 70 years of space exploration, we managed to fill everything around with an incredible amount of debris and other illiquid. In space with a radius half way to the moon flies:

You fly in some kind of dumpling soup. We are for cleanliness in all senses, including around the planet. And this is not some kind of neurosis, but a very practical concern: there is a completely illusory possibility that the amount of garbage in the space around the Earth will reach a level at which this space will be inaccessible to us. This is called the Kessler effect: any spacecraft launched into space will inevitably be damaged or destroyed outright by collisions with debris orbiting the planet, producing even more debris debris.

Fortunately, it is our satellite that can be considered “environmentally friendly”: it is very small and flies at such an altitude that the last remnants of the atmosphere will significantly slow down its speed, due to which it will soon fall and burn up without a trace as a small meteor.

But this whole space junk thing gave us the idea of ​​a game. As the basis of the gameplay, we took the arcade “Asteroids”, the first version of which – black and white, with “wire” graphics – was released in 1979. Of course, preserving the aesthetics of the original would be too much today pointless eccentric, that’s why we refined the graphics. And added an alternative game mode, which we will talk about below.


Formally, there is only one character here.


satellite. The rest are his episodic and multiple antagonists. And some were designed for you by Richard Gray, the same Duke Nukem level designer who helped us create Atomic Count! Richard wholeheartedly approached the creation of characters for our game, enriching each one with a difficult story. However, not all of his suggestions were included in the final version. Still, the patriarch of the playhouse grew up and lived in Anglo-Saxon culture with its clichés about vodka, bears, balalaika and perestroyka. And some of Richard’s jokes are related to wordplay in English and foreign pop culture, so not only everyone will be able to appreciate them. He was inspired by Satellite and Laika, Lem’s novel Solaris, the movies 2001, Killer Clowns from Outer Space and Alien, and even the bourgeois chain restaurants you all know. A broad perspective, we respect!

In general, we took the game mode with black holes and xenomorph eggs from “Alien” from Richard’s ideas:

Hellen Griplee, Stilburnt Paine, Snailiens [“Aliens”, Ellen Ripley, Gilbert Kane, Aliens]

Some of this trembling space is not what it is… Many prison objects trying to reach the Earth. Wait, some of those eggs are hatching! They’re heading for our ship! Not only are you going to be needed to collect debris, avoiding these creatures (sillo-looking snail + Alien) is an important task. You must send Dr. Descend from shoot the eggs and drive off where they come from.

Some space debris is not what it seems… Many egg-shaped objects are trying to reach Earth. Wait, some of these eggs are hatching! They are heading for our ship! The player needs not only to collect garbage, but also to avoid these creatures (stupid snail + alien). You must send Dr. Payne to fight off the eggs and find out where they come from.

But enough of the preliminary caresses, we suggest getting acquainted with the characters that you will meet in distant orbits.

▍ Two NASA astronauts

This is not fiction, but a true story. The ladies went into space to repair the ISS and lost it

cosmetic bag

bag with tools. They say it’s still in orbit, and if you know where to look, you can even see it from Earth through a telescope.

▍ Experimental Soviet satellite

In the USSR, a spy satellite with experimental AI on vacuum tubes was launched into orbit. He imagined himself a fragment of a star, stopped responding to commands and is still trying to track down Kennedy.

▍ Space hijackers

Few people know that satellites can steal. Romanian space hijackers rummage through orbits, hack other people’s satellites, resolder them and pass them off as their own. Or disassembled for spare parts and sold on the black market.

▍ Reptiloids (of course!)

Reptiloids are not fiction! They secretly drop egg capsules on the ground, from which agents hatch after landing. And romantics call it falling stars.

▍ Garbage. Just garbage

Many astronauts are too lazy to pack and send their trash back to Earth. Instead, they just throw it out of the airlock. And garbage bags with leftovers and dirty socks sometimes cling to the antennas of communication satellites.

▍ Service stations

Vulgar Hindus organized orbital maintenance stations for satellites. But they are like the Indian code: they are made backwards and often fall apart.

▍ Cat zombies

An eccentric billionaire from Amsterdam launched a mummy of his beloved cat into space. Under the influence of radiation, she turned into a flying corpse and tries to gnaw the solar panels near the ships.

▍ Gopniki with Bulgarian women

The strict gopniks of Chelyabinsk used to take old satellites out of orbit and hand them over for scrap metal. Several times they even sawed off the antennas from the ISS.

▍ Any junk

During general cleaning on the ISS, cosmonauts open the cabins for scanning. Sometimes the current carries away all kinds of things, after which no one chases around the neighborhood.

▍ Ghost Rider

Half a century ago, cosmonauts of the USSR and the USA organized illegal races on oxygen cylinders in space. One of the participants was taken into space, and since then his ghost has been scratching and knocking on the portholes of ships, stealing nuts from satellites and tugging at spacesuits.

▍ Cherry shuttle

“Houston, we have a problem” – this is the first time the pilot of the shuttle, drunkenly crashed about the corner of the space station, said. Its fragments sometimes fly over Wisconsin and Great Ustyug.

▍ Trojan Horse

Cosmonauts also want creativity. So a 3:1 scale copy of the Trojan Horse appeared in orbit, welded from the steps of defunct rockets. Sometimes it drives sensitive amateur astronomers to hysterics.

▍ Gamblers from the star casino

At an altitude of 10,000 km, the underground space casino “Event Horizon”, opened by the Hong Kong triad, is dizzying. When the next losing visitor is hit in the head by weightlessness and cocktails, he is thrown into the airlock. Sometimes in a space suit. And it will fly somewhere.

▍ Sleepwalkers (hello reptilian!)

People stopped flying to the moon because it annoyed the local lunatics. But they themselves occasionally send their probes and probes to Earth, which usually burn up in the atmosphere.

▍ Astrohamster

A company of young self-taught people built a dendroexcremental rocket and launched a hamster into space on it. From such experiences, he moved like a cuckoo, settled on an abandoned satellite and hopscotched spaceships flying by.

▍ Yoga bum

An Indian cosmonaut became the first space bum: either he didn’t have enough money for the return trip, or he didn’t get out due to his caste. Collects flowers from old satellites, sleeps under the solar panel of the ISS. Sometimes he is allowed to warm up at the station, where he chants mantras and steals beef rations.

Is there Easter?

Oh yes, how without them? We will not reveal, we will only hint that one of the heroes is able to help you with garbage collection and lower it into


a black hole beyond the event horizon.

And most importantly: what is the strength, brother?

Our arcade is a great way to take a break from challenging tasks by switching to fine motor skills and reaction training. And to give you motivation to fight for the purity of space as long as possible, we are holding a competition among the best players. There will be three prizes in total:

  • 1st place — Yandex station Midi
  • 2nd place – Wireless headphones Baseus Bowie D05
  • 3rd place – External battery MagSafe Hoco Q10A, 10000 mA * h

And all three champions will receive a hoodie with the personal signature of cosmonaut Mykhailo Kornienko, who spent 516 days in orbit, went into outer space twice and stayed there for 12 hours and 17 minutes. Mykhailo knows how dangerous space debris is.

I’m in business!

Discounts, raffle results and news about the RUVDS satellite — in our Telegram channel 🚀

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