Sale, profit or laughs. What gives the maximum growth of the audience in social networks?

Sale, profit or laughs. What gives the maximum growth of the audience in social networks?

There are 3 types of content. General, useful and sells. When creating content, you should not forget about all its types and do it in the right proportions.

In order for the article to be definitely useful, let’s consider everything on an example three companieswho are successfully promoting their products/services through Youtube and recruiting millions of views.

A company from Yekaterinburg that sells marmalade through Wb and Ozon

Workshop of tables made of slabs and epoxy resin, from the Moscow region.

Furniture to order from Nizhny Novgorod

Spoiler: I’m not connected with any of these companies, no one paid me for advertising, I’ve just been following them for a long time, the guys do everything clearly.

General content

This is most often entertaining content (not necessarily direct humor). Interesting facts, funny incidents. Videos for the widest possible audience, which may not even directly talk about your product or service, but be in the field of topics related to your niche.

Can you eat marshmallows if you… A great example of a generic video. At the beginning of the video, the question is asked, as if not everyone can eat marmalade, so the video is not scrolled, and then with the addition of humor (yes, marmalade is still mainly a children’s content, that’s why guys don’t rush to add curmudgeons and cringes)

Ideally for these videos, the format of short vertical videos (Shorts, Reels, TikTok) is suitable, since these videos more easily gain many views.

The neighbor refuses you from the table with a slab. Here is general information about resin, about wood, a little boasting, but something that many people are interested in listening to.

The main featureAlthough these videos are not useful, they don’t even talk about you at all as a producer or an expert. But if a person watched one video to the end, 2-3 more videos from the same channel will 100% happen to him after some time. And they can already be targeted and talk about your expertise.

The boys were bored. Everyone wonders what people do when they are bored. And it seems that nothing is said about production, about furniture, but people looked at it and thought that it was old technology and great-grandfathers made such signs. And they got other video channels in the future.

You can make a lot of such content. 50% of the total will be just right. Thanks to short videos, much less effort and money are spent, making a lot of such content is not a problem.

Useful content

In useful videos, you need to share your expertise, talk about your product, about your experience. Videos about the process of creating something are often well received. (It is especially important in such videos to show not only the process, but also the result – you can at the end, and sometimes it is useful for retention and at the beginning of the video).

A popular form for showing production processes. With the help of irony and editing in reverse order, you can show the number of machines, the number of specialists, tasks and processes that people have no idea about. Many people used this scheme for videos, it is one of the best options.

A good option is to share your mistakes, shoals. Everyone has already received the widespread success broadcast by bloggers. People are interested to see how someone screwed up. It is clear that such videos should not end on your own failure, if you show how and what conclusions you made, what you invented, so that this does not happen again – this will only increase the trust of potential buyers.

You asked about shoals, right? Everything you need is in this video. And the phrase first, which prevents the viewer from promoting your video, and then the description of the jamb from the company, which forces you to take care of the video, hoping for a solution to the problem, or a scandal. And finally, the decision that shows the professionalism of the company.

It can also be useful information that solves customer problems in one possible way that you share for free. Thereby increasing the loyalty of the audience.

Video about production waste. An excellent video that shows a scrupulous approach to quality control in production.

Useful content can be made in both short and full horizontal releases. Such content can be 40%.
As an example of long videos: How water destroys chipboard.

Content that sells

Yes, such content is also needed, but not often, no more than 10% of the total number of videos. You can post literally 1 sales video per month, because thanks to useful content, people will be interested in you, and they themselves will write to you “can I buy something from you?”
An important amendment only works if your product/service is actually useful and interesting to people. I faced this myself when I was creating content for Mensa Design. We didn’t run ads, we just showed our tables and production in videos, and the applications were generated by themselves.

You can show, for example, your packaging, while making a direct call to purchase. Not always sales content should consist entirely of sales.

But of course, selling content usually doesn’t get that many views, because no one likes to be brazenly sold to. But if we remember that we are discussing Youtube as a sales channel, without the sales itself, there is no place.

You can directly sell the product, telling its advantages, or working out objections

Thank you for your attention, for communication

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