Russian fishing goes to India / Habr

Russian fishing goes to India / Habr

Rossilhospbank (RSGB) continues to promote technology transfer between friendly countries. As part of a series of international activities implemented by the RSGB and Skolkovo, a joint agromeeting was held between representatives of Russia and the Republic of India. The event was attended by the adviser on agriculture of the Russian Embassy in India, the founder of the innovative ecosystem Anantam, the director of referral at ARCL Organics Ltd., experts of the analytical company USPI Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

India is among the top 20 countries with the richest stocks of fish and seafood. Fish products account for 20% of the total export of agricultural products and make up about 0.95% GDPThus, the fishing industry is one of the most visible sectors of the country’s economy. To date, more than 14 million people are employed in the field of fishing and related industries of the state man. The importance of the industry to the Indian economy is demonstrated by the high demand for innovation in aquaculture and fish farming. RSGB has technological expertise and facilitates the transfer of technological solutions to the markets of international partners and the exchange of experience with the aim of finding best practices.

In December 2023, the AgroInvest Club of the RSGB held the “Russia-India” agromeeting, at which Russian fishtech startups demonstrated their current solutions for the fish farming complex: the Fish Web fish farm management system, the unique technology of aeration of liquid media, and the bionic technology of industrial.

Olena Baturova

Director of the Center for the Development of Financial Technologies of the RSGB

“About 120 participants joined our event online, which indicates that this direction has great interest in the market. Meetap facilitated a lively discussion about the optimal ways to enter the Indian market. A lot of questions were asked about which industry areas, apart from fishing and aquaculture, are relevant for international cooperation. We see great prospects for the development of business cooperation between our countries and plan to continue such meetings next year.”.

Natalia Chernyshova

Director of the AgroTech Hub of the Skolkovo Foundation

Together with our partner Rossilhospbank, we held another season of international meetups. More than ten of our residents presented their solutions to foreign partners. The meeting participants discussed the most promising industry segments and worked out possible formats for entering foreign markets. We believe that such events are extremely useful for the market and hope to continue this format of international dialogue in 2024.”

According to experts, voiced in the framework of an agricultural meeting between representatives of Russia and the Republic of India, if the current rate of economic growth is maintained, India will become the fourth economy in the world by 2025 and the third by 2027. One of the country’s important competitive advantages is the unprecedented growth of the population and the preservation of a large share of young people . One of the key industries in India is agriculture: there are more than 150 million farmers in the country, exports of agricultural products amount to more than $28 billion, which makes it one of the top ten global food suppliers.

Learn more about the event on the “RSGB in the Digital” platform.

Technologies for catching, processing, storing and selling fish and seafood are called fishtech. We talked about Russian start-ups in the fishing industry, agricultural prospects of the Far East, import substitution in the fishing industry and much more with Andrii Zubkov, managing director of the investment fund “East” and Sergey Kunitsyn, head of the innovation laboratory “AGAMA.RUN” in the issue of prompt.

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