Review of Samsung’s new brightest OLED TV with anti-glare coating

Review of Samsung’s new brightest OLED TV with anti-glare coating

Samsung’s third-generation QD-OLED TV, the new S95D, has a unique advantage over its predecessors: it features an anti-glare coating that the company claims completely eliminates any noticeable glare. This should prevent annoying distractions when you’re watching TV on a sunny day and trying to enjoy the content, The Verge reports.

Anti-glare coating is nothing new on high-end TVs – Samsung, LG and Sony do a pretty good job of it. But Samsung seems to have gone a step further by applying a special treatment to the panels to avoid negative effects on viewing angles or color distortion.

“OLED-optimized low-reflectance technology uses a new specialized hard coating layer and surface coating pattern to deliver excellent OLED detail without glare,” – says the CES press release.

The company claims it is “Samsung’s brightest OLED screen.” Like last year, the S95D is available in sizes up to 77 inches. It supports a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz and has “AI-enhanced color accuracy”, which is confirmed by Pantone.

“Normal” OLED on the left compared to Samsung’s anti-glare OLED on the right

At the Samsung First Look event at CES 2024, the company arranged a kind of test with a bright “window” right next to the TV. And in the picture below, you wouldn’t even guess that the TV was surrounded by tons of other bright screens on the demo floor.

In addition to the new anti-glare display, you get the same quantum dot OLED benefits we’ve seen from Samsung over the past few years: they can reproduce richer, brighter colors at higher brightness levels compared to traditional WOLED panels (like the ones LG uses) .

Photo of a Samsung OLED TV with an anti-glare coating

You’ll still see some glare at some angles, but it’s not as distracting.

The S95D is less than 11 millimeters thick and comes with Samsung’s One Connect Box. You plug your streaming devices and game consoles into it, and everything connects to your TV with a single cable.

Like the rest of Samsung’s 2024 TVs, the S95D runs the latest version of the company’s Tizen software, which enables each person in the home to use their own Samsung ID for personalized content recommendations.

Samsung also continues to actively promote its Samsung TV Plus FAST service, which combines hundreds of free-to-view channels into a single interface.

Additionally, the company is announcing a scaled-down S90D OLED that lacks the non-glare coating and some of the other design benefits of the flagship model, but you can still count on top-notch QD-OLED image quality. But as always, these TVs don’t have Dolby Vision, instead favoring HDR10 and HDR10 Plus.

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