review of publications for the week

review of publications for the week

What was interesting about project management last week? As always, I read all the posts and selected the coolest and most useful ones. Read the instructions, save and apply!

Basics of theory and guides

Estimation and planning in Agile: when is it time to “kill” a failed project? (~7 min)
Is there life without story points, how to find out deadlines without an estimate and when it’s time to “kill” an unsuccessful project.

How to conduct castdevs: we talk about four cool tools and give analytics templates (~5 min)
Not exactly about projects, but on a similar topic – a practical and detailed guide for studying user wishes and requirements through casts.

How to formulate tasks in a project (~7 min)
About the role of a technical task or a brief, why the performer is not a fool and how to properly set tasks.

SAFe’s Approach to Product Ownership (~4 min)
How are SAFe Product Owners different from Scrum Guide Product Owners? Why is SAFe product ownership split between the Product Owner and the Product Manager?

AI In Project Management: How Safe Is Your Job? (~10 min)
AI worries many project managers these days, and for good reason. We answer your pressing questions about how much of a project manager’s work can be done by AI or will it completely replace it. Plus, how you can prepare for the changes brought about by this new technology.

Project manager: career and skills

Project Manager Salary Major Survey Report 2023.pdf (+ Link to report in PowerBI) (~15 min)
Key findings: The presence of a higher education affects the size of the salary, – The median salary without bonus in Moscow is 258,000 rubles. The median salary without bonuses in Russia (excluding Moscow) is 170,000 rubles. 2/3 of respondents receive bonuses. Most often, these are annual, tied to the results of projects. The most popular certifications: PMI and Scrum. Most novice project managers are women

A Guide for Team Leaders: Planning, Agile, and That’s It (~10 min)
Is there a perfect planning process? What is the role of the team leader in this process? Is it possible to refuse new tasks and how to do it? How do agile methodologies help us and what tools are available to us?

How to stop overcomplicating and start living (~10 min)
Interesting and debatable material about what overcomplication is, what options/dimensions it can have, what causes it and how to deal with it.

How to overcome fears that prevent us from making the right decisions (~5 min)
How the three fears—of missed opportunities, the better option, and analytical paralysis—ruin life and what to do about them. Synopsis of the book “FOMO Sapiens” by Patrick Magninis.

Women in project management: what challenges they face and how they grow in their careers (~10 min)
Interviews with female project managers. Among the topics and questions – what tools are used, how the career developed (and continues), what difficulties are experienced and how they cope with them.

Horizontally or vertically: should a technical specialist go into management? (~7 min)
How can a technical specialist move to a managerial position without harming himself and his interests? And will he be able to become a good manager?

Got a job at “RBK Pro” and became a certified project manager: my learning experience at PMCLUB (~4 min)
A small but informative story about how the certificate was obtained, how it helped in work, career and life.

What are project management competencies and assessment methods (~6 min)
How to form PMUs and confirm the required competencies.

Project team

Key KPIs for effective team work (~3 min)
The bank’s IT manager explains why KPIs are needed at all, what his company’s path has been and what an ideal KPI system should be.

How to grow softies: tips and real stories. Part 2. Be responsible for the result (~7 min)
About the formation of a culture of working with tasks and communication on the project within the team and company.

Conducting and interviewing for system design (~14 min)
How to organize a system design interview in your company, how to prepare for the interviewer and the candidate, what to pay attention to during the interview and how to send the right signal.

How I automated ad-hoc analyst tasks (~6 min)
Ad-hoc tasks are the main enemies of analysts. The author of the article was able to build a process for automating such tasks and reminded us how the transformation of the team occurs when working with a new tool.

Lazy product: how to collect ready-made ideas for product development from colleagues (~5 min)
How to replenish the product backlog with ideas from colleagues from different departments of the company with the help of Kaiten

How to quickly and effectively burn out at work: the experience of a survivor (~9 min)
A great guide on how to deal with burnout, and ideally even prevent it from happening. Lots of experience, practice and tools.

“Swim, sausages”: a guide to teamwork (~34 min)
A very large publication for team building, participation, working with tasks, decision making. The authors have their own methodology.

The delegation board and the decision-making matrix are like the eternal chicken-and-egg dilemma (~5 min)
Several tools for forming delegation directions in the team.

Cases, experience, advice, opinions

How Frank Gehry Delivers On Time and On Budget (~10 min)

As an architect, Frank Gehry managed to complete the largest projects on time and under budget – considering that, according to statistics, only 0.5% of projects were completed on time and under budget and delivered the expected benefits.

Rise and fall of Xerox: from an IT legend to a living (~5 min)
It is always interesting to read about Xerox – thanks to their projects, our world has changed a lot. The article went through both the projects and the reasons for the “sunset” of the tech giant.

When they say ‘Do it well’: Guidelines for developers to improve the process (~7 min)
What do poorly formulated tasks lead to (nothing good, of course) and how a clear and specific statement of tasks allows you to minimize the time for clarification and correction and focus the team’s efforts on quality development

How a girl manages development: stories and advice from personal experience (~11 min)
The interesting experience of the girl head of the development department – about the beginning of the path, about stereotypes, about career, skills and management tools.

How I managed the use of the knowledge base. It worked the second time (~7 min)
About the project of application of intra-corporate knowledge base.

Nikita Mikheenkov, founder of Nimax Digital Agency: “It is more difficult to find a good employee for a project than the projects themselves” (~10 min)
Agency CEO view on business, projects, project managers and plans.

Office is better than delete or top 10 reasons for office work. The experience of Pyrobyte developers, where the team works from a luxury office (~12 min)
A large and provocative (over 500 comments) story about how office work turned out to be more efficient and productive than deletion.

How project management has changed in 25 years and how AI will help here (~10 min)
The material of the podcast with Askhat Urazbaev – how the work of the project has changed, what competencies are now being downloaded, what awaits project management in the future.

“Agile accounting? Are you there at all? (~10 min)
About the (seemingly successful) attempt to translate the back office to “flexible methodologies”.


Express study of corporate communications in Russia 2023

How to choose an online board for the team and not spend too much? Review of Russian decisions

Kaiten – a tool for managing tasks, projects and teams | Similar to Jira and Trello

How to help employees who “didn’t manage to do anything again”

Megaplan as an analogue of Notion for preparing and storing instructions


This was the week of project publications. If suddenly we missed an interesting material – share it in the comments.

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