removal of the AI ​​assistant Copilot in the updated version of Windows 10 is currently not supported

removal of the AI ​​assistant Copilot in the updated version of Windows 10 is currently not supported

Microsoft said that removing the Copilot AI assistant code after installing the latest Windows 10 updates is not currently supported.

“Currently we do not support uninstalling Copilot, you can right-click the Copilot icon and unpin it so it no longer appears on the taskbar,” Microsoft explained.

It is noteworthy that after this action, the user will still be able to access Copilot by simply pressing the “Windows + C” key combination.

Profile experts explained that it is still possible to remove Copilot from the system using registry manipulations or changes to the local group policy (not available in the Windows 10 Home edition). Any option is suitable for Windows 10 Pro. Microsoft does not officially recommend using these methods.

Instructions for disabling Copilot in Windows 10 using the registry editor:

Instructions for disabling Copilot in Windows 10 using changes in local group policy:

In any case, after carrying out the necessary manipulations, you need to reboot the PC.

At the end of October 2023, Windows 11 23H2 was released, which includes new AI features such as Copilot and Cocreator in Paint, a modern Explorer, and many other interface and software updates.

In February, Microsoft decided to disable the “Show desktop” button to make room for the Copilot AI assistant on the taskbar. Microsoft also plans to open Windows Copilot at system startup, but only on widescreen devices larger than 27 inches.

Microsoft previously introduced an update to Notepad for Windows 11. It now features Copilot. It will help analyze the content of text files. Microsoft also announced the replacement of the Microsoft 365 Chat program in Microsoft Teams with Copilot.

It was previously reported that Microsoft plans to implement Copilot in Windows 10 in order to increase the number of users of the AI ​​tool and present it favorably to developers. The company also expects that they will more actively create plugins for Copilot if the AI ​​assistant is available on 1.4 billion devices compared to 400 million with Windows 11.

In November 2023, Microsoft explained why users need Copilot in Windows 11 and 10, even if they don’t. The company said this after users on the Web began discussing instructions on how to properly disable Windows Copilot after installing the Windows 11 update.

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