Remote fiscalization of checks

Remote fiscalization of checks

Basically, everyone offers to use the cloud cash register for the fiscalization of online checks. Prices are normal 1600-1700₽/month. for the rent of such beauty.

But we suggest that you cash the cashier’s checks at your cash register, which is located in your office and belongs to you. The asking price is 990₽/month. And we are ready to sell cheaper.

We implement work with Atol and Mercury models (but this is only for the beginning). And we offer to download the program BIT driver KKTinstall under Windows, and try punching checks from your smartphone from your personal account on the website, anywhere in the world.

It’s simple – the KKT driver BIT program polls the site in anticipation of new check punching tasks approximately once every 5 minutes.

If you create a check for punching in your personal account, the BIT driver KKT program takes the check, punches it and returns the result to the LC. You receive the result of the punched check in the LC and can send the buyer a link to the punched check by email.

It is better to see once, as they say, than to hear many times:

Why was this article written? We are definitely pursuing commercial profit, but our profit is based on your cost savings as a cash register owner and offers you the freedom to cash checks anywhere in the world.

For obvious reasons, we cannot open the source programs of the BIT driver KKT, but we have conveyed the main idea by thinking.

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