Release Timeline – visualization of GitHub releases in your documentation

Release Timeline – visualization of GitHub releases in your documentation

This app was created to beautifully and conveniently display changes to a Vue 3 project in its documentation on VitePress. After that, it was made universal and can be connected in any HTML page as a Web component or a micro-frontend.

Test – At the top left, you can specify any public repository.


Documentation of software projects usually has a changelog. It is quite inconvenient to maintain it manually, and showing the user a changelog or a list of commits from the repository is not very user-friendly.

For example, the project frequently changes and adds content. People who have been to the site need a way to see what’s new in that time. Manually describing all changes on a separate page is very time-consuming.

The release-timeline format is visually pleasing and compact on the one hand, and quite functional on the other.

It can also be noted that after the `release-timeline’ is included in the project documentation, you belong to the name of commits and pull requests, which are much more responsible. The same as before the release description. The selection of release titles is an occasion for fantasy. In my case, ChatGPT fancies with the prompt: “generate 5 dragon names

How to install

The library can be used in a Vue 3 project, in VitePress (with the help of themes and styles), as a Web component or a microfrontend on an arbitrary site. More details – in the documentation.

Library without dependencies, code – 5Kb in GZip when connected to Vue 3 project, and 60Kb (together with Vue 3 distribution) when connected as Web component or microfrontend.

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