Received the first images from the Arktika-M satellite No. 2

Received the first images from the Arktika-M satellite No. 2

A picture of the Earth taken by the Arktika-M apparatus #2

As part of flight tests, the Arktika-M hydrometeorological spacecraft No. 2 took and transmitted to Earth its first pictures of the Arctic region and the surrounding territories, the press service of Roscosmos reports. Currently, the satellite is working normally. It is in a working highly elliptical orbit of the “Lightning” type with an inclination to the equator of 63.3 degrees, an apogee height of approximately 38.9 thousand kilometers and a perigee of about 1.4 thousand kilometers.

“Arktika-M” No. 2 was developed in the Scientific and Production Association named after S.A. Lavochkina (part of Roskosmos) and launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on December 16, 2023. Its predecessor, the first Russian Arctic climate monitoring satellite Arktika-M, was launched into orbit in February 2021.

Both devices will replace each other in the working areas of the orbits and thereby provide round-the-clock monitoring of the northern territory of the Russian Federation and the Arctic region. Their goal will be the collection of data from the hydrometeorological situation, heliogeophysical situation, as well as the retransmission of signals from the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite search and rescue system.

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