Quiz with an asterisk for C++ programmers by Serhiy Kushnirenko

Quiz with an asterisk for C++ programmers by Serhiy Kushnirenko

Hello to all lovers of brainstorming and having fun! The PVS-Studio team is in touch. A new cool quiz with interesting questions from the world of programming is already on our website. Not a simple quiz, but a task from Serhii Kushnirenko – a game developer at 4A Games! If you are tired of routine tasks and want to exercise your brain with something interesting, welcome!

First there was an idea

How did this quiz come about? Purely by chance. Recently, our team came across two articles by Sergey. In them, the author offers to reflect on interesting and confusing errors: some from a personal collection, scrupulously collected over many years of practice; others were used by Serhii and his team in the interview format he developed, “Sobis in reverse”. Believe me, mistakes are not easy – there is something to worry about.

When the developers of our team read the articles, the idea of ​​a quiz arose by itself. We wrote to Serhiy, and he kindly agreed to help us. And then the next step is to come up with options for answers to tricky questions, design them and submit them to readers!

Step-by-step instructions

So, let’s take a closer look at how you can take part in our quiz? Everything is very simple!

Step 1

Breathe out and concentrate, the questions will not be easy. If you answer most of them without problems, then you are clearly a high-class specialist, you write a lot of code, and you are generally a good person. Focused? Then go ahead, to the quiz page at this link!

Step 2

Fear and doubt are left behind. Quickly click the “Start” button. Then everything is simple: you read the question, choose the answer option that you think is correct, click to answer. If the answer you chose turned green – you were not mistaken, if it was red – do not get upset and look at the green, it was correct.

Step 3

Well, that’s it, it’s time to admire your results. Make a screenshot and put in a frame if you answered all the questions correctly, and don’t be upset if the result turned out to be weak. These tasks were truly star-studded.

And what in the end?

Found all the errors? Don’t be upset if not. Our analyzer will help you find such bugs. Want to check? You will have the following opportunity: after passing the quiz, we will give you a free trial license for 30 days. Try PVS-Studio on your projects and experience its power in code analysis 🙂

And, of course, at the end of the quiz there will be a link to an article with a detailed analysis of all tasks. In general, you could leave the link to this article here, but I won’t. This is not interesting!

And if you want more?

If you want more articles with the search for errors and their detailed analysis, then we have something to offer you. Here is a small list:

That’s all today! And if you want to have a little more fun, the entertainment section of our website is waiting for you. Games, quizzes and quizzes will help to reduce your free time. Come in, you won’t regret it!

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