Psychology of trading or how to become a master of the market? / Hebrew

Psychology of trading or how to become a master of the market? / Hebrew

Greeting. My name is Damir. I am a psychologist, business coach and trader. I started studying trade 2 years ago. He was mentored by American and Russian traders. And now I am approaching my goal in trading, which I will talk about in another article, which will be devoted to goal setting when choosing tools, a trading system, working timeframes, etc.

Why am I writing this?

No matter where I study the psychology of trading, they either don’t talk about it, or they don’t talk much about it. The most profound thing I’ve seen – read Douglas “Trading in the Zone”. Yes, of course this book is beautiful, but it is not enough for most people. It is one thing to read, another thing to apply. Therefore, I decided to contribute to the development of the community of traders. I will write a series of articles about the psychological side of things.

Who is this series of articles for?

I will say right away that this will not be a material for beginners, but rather for those who have been bitten by trading. For those who have already fallen in love with the dream of making money from anywhere in the world, but so far sobs, clutching their feet, freezes at the screen unable to understand where the price is going, growls with rage because of lost opportunities. In general, for those who know what the market’s smile is, but do not lose hope of curbing this merciless money element, which can give you a million, or can take all your money without so much as a scratch.

The purpose of the cycle is to show the way to another state. I call him the “master of the market”. You calmly and carelessly open deals. You see the manipulation of the price, but you are no more concerned about it than the owner of the poultry farm is scared by a ruffian who has stolen a chicken. Yes, the train, but this does not affect the fact that the plan will be carried out and the profit will be made.

Some will say that I am talking about “the zone”, which is the state described by Mark Douglas, and they would be right. However, I like the term “market master” much more.

Danylo Andreev in “Rose of Peace” talked about uidraors – creatures that feed on the energy of people. When there is a war, and people die in horror, hatred and suffering, it is a real feast for them. If I imagine for a second that Andreev is right and he is, then I immediately understand that the financial markets have clearly invented uidraors. As we shear sheep, milk cows and goats for our needs, so these creatures in peacetime collect their harvest from millions of traders who experience fear and greed, hope and euphoria every day. For them it is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Even if there are no uidraors, when a trader suffers from a loss or dances with joy from a profit, then he has already lost. In the long run, emotions will destroy common sense, dull attention and lead to zeroing of the account. The trader will replenish his deposit and rush to withdraw the money back. And he will make one more mistake – when he wins, he is no longer a trader, but a gambler, a gambling addict. Gambler.

Who makes money in the financial markets?

Those who make money from gamblers say this: you can’t win in a casino, you can only take money for a while. The casino knows how to wait and doesn’t worry when someone has hit a big jackpot.

But casino owners do not like and even fear system players. Those who have discovered their statistical advantage and calmly and without trepidation implement it from hand to hand. The most successful system players are blacklisted by casinos and are no longer allowed there. You can read about it in the legendary book of billionaire Edward Thorpe, “A Man for All Markets.” He miscalculated blackjack and changed the gambling industry, then became a trader and started his own hedge fund.

Unlike blackjack players, we traders have a huge advantage, the entrance to the markets is always open even for those who close every day with a fat profit and the peace of a monk of a Buddhist monastery.

There is only one thing left – to join the very small league of traders who look at the stock exchange from the position of “master of the market”.

The basic condition for this is the presence of a trading system. We will talk about what features a trading system should have and how it differs from the “market analysis method” in the next issue.

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