Payment for freelance services in EUR, USD, PLN via Safe

Payment for freelance services in EUR, USD, PLN via Safe

We are constantly working to make the work on the service more convenient for users. We have recently made changes to the work of the Safe for more comfortable cooperation of customers and freelancers with the EU, USA, Canada, Israel and other countries of the world. Let’s talk in more detail about cooperation in currency projects on the service.

Available currencies and payment types for customers

To reserve funds in the Safe service, three additional currencies to UAH are available for customers – USD, EUR, PLN. The currency of the project depends on the residence of the customer or the company from whose account it is planned to make payment:

  • For customers from Europe – euro.
  • For customers from Poland – PLN.
  • For customers from other countries – dollars.
  • For customers from Ukraine – hryvnia.

To work in USD, EUR, PLN projects, the customer must indicate the legal status. To this end, he once enters the legal data of an individual or company, depending on which person will pay for the project. This can be done at any stage of the project up to and including the agreement of conditions.

Can citizens of Ukraine publish and pay for projects in UAH if they went abroad and chose another country in their profile during registration on the service? Yes, but for this they must indicate information about the residency of an individual in the customer profile in the legal data.

Note: for safe in USD you only need to specify the country in the legal data. The rest of the information is not required.

How to fill in the legal data in the customer profile


1. Log in to your customer profile on the service.

2. Find the section “Employer profile” → “Legal status” → select the legal form for which you will pay, and click “Select”.

3. Complete Latin the necessary legal details of the individual or company.

For individual enter the following data (all fields are required):

  • A country.
  • Full name.
  • City.
  • Registration address.
  • Postcode

For legal entity enter the following data (all fields are required):

  • A country.
  • TAXID.
  • Company name.
  • City.
  • Registered office address.
  • Postcode

4. To save the entered data, click the “Save” button. Additionally, after filling in the data, you must agree to the rules of the service.

After saving, the data is checked, which usually lasts no more than 1 hour during business hours. In the future, they can be changed only by contacting the Care Team.

Don’t worry, the information you provided will not appear as public information on your profile. We use them exclusively for filling out legal and accounting documents (accounts for reservations, contracts, invoices).

Benefits of cooperation in foreign exchange projects for customers

  • The ability to pay for freelancer services in currencies convenient for customers without conversion.
  • Receiving an invoice upon completion of work on the project.
  • Work through a secure agreement. The contractual relationship between the parties is drawn up in accordance with EU law.
  • The commission in such projects is paid by the freelancer.

Thanks to working through the Safe, a customer from any country in the world can get a quick and high-quality performance of his task on the service and pay for freelancer services in a convenient way.

Features of the publication of the currency project

We will tell you in more detail how to open a currency project. To do this, click the “Publish project” button (this button is always in the top navigation menu) and go to the page for publishing the project.

Fill in the fields:

  • Name.
  • Description of the task.
  • Relevance date.
  • Categories.
  • Budget (optional field).

Choose a payment method according to your legal status:

  1. For legal entities publishing a project on behalf of a company and its needs: “I pay as a legal entity.”
  2. For customers – individuals: “I pay as an individual.”

Note: forms contracts and accepts payment by a company in the EU, which, according to the current legislation, pays VAT (VAT). It is attached to the customer’s invoice in the following cases:

  • 23% for companies and individuals from Poland.
  • 23% for individuals from the EU and legal entities not registered in the VIES system.
  • 0% for companies from the EU with a registered VAT Number in the VIES system.
  • 0% for companies and individuals outside the EU.

To find out the amount of the reservation including VAT and commissions, use the calculator in the Project Workspace or on the project’s publication page if you specify a budget. This can be done when the project is published or at the stage of agreeing the conditions with the contractor.

The final payment will be available when the customer fills in the data on the legal status and the parties agree on the terms of the project.

When the customer receives an invoice and contract

After the successful completion of the project, the customer who pays for the project in USD, EUR, PLN receives an invoice for payment for services and an agreement with Freelancehunt. Accounting documents will be available in the Project Workspace:

For customers from Poland, documents will be generated in Polish. For customers from other countries – in English.

Here is an example of what a customer invoice looks like:

Answers to frequently asked questions

  1. What is the minimum budget for a currency project?
    The minimum budget for foreign customers is 20 EUR/USD or 75 PLN.
  2. Who pays the commission?
    The commission in foreign exchange projects is paid by the freelancer (9% from the contractor, 0% from the customer).
  3. What information will be included on the invoice you provide?
    The invoice will contain the data that the customer indicated when filling out legal information about the company or individual.
  4. Who needs an invoice and why?
    An invoice is needed for customers – legal entities to submit reports to the company’s accounting department as confirmation of payment for freelancer services. Also, the invoice acts as a confirmation of payment and completion of the project.

Working with freelancers through the safe is simple and profitable. You solve your business problems and receive an invoice for reporting, and the contractor receives payment for a successfully completed project.

Open a currency project to take advantage of freelancing!

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