Partner programs of hosters in 2024

Partner programs of hosters in 2024

Hello Habre! According to the laws of the genre, the article should be called “What you need to know about affiliate programs of hosters in 2024”, but I think such a title would turn out to be clickbait, since I will not tell everything about affiliates (well, I can, I don’t want to, and I didn’t plan to). All I want, can and plan to do is share with the esteemed public my experience with the affiliate programs of six hosters, many of which you may know (some of them blog on Habra). All this experience fell at the junction of 2023 and 2024, so it is still relevant.

To avoid any misconceptions about my motives, all services will be listed alphabetically and without links. I will try with a minimum of water, but with boxes. The list does not pretend to be complete, if I forgot someone worthy – don’t be disrespectful, suggest in the comments. Well, don’t judge harshly – this is my first publication on Habra.


Depending on the selected service, the percentage in the Beget affiliate program may differ:

I ordered server by 1100 rubles. After ordering the server, the partner balance was immediately credited 440 rubles (that is, 40% of the top-up amount!). However, after that, the system began to calculate the amount in a strange way – the referral program began to show the withdrawal of funds from the partner’s account, and with it, the withdrawal from my bonus account:

I think this is a write-off for the discount that the partner received. That is, I was credited with bonuses in the amount of 40%, and then they began to give him a discount from the same bonuses. I find this approach and arithmetic somewhat strange…

After the end of the partner’s billing period, 326.72 rubles remained on my balance:

Withdrawal of funds is possible “To your account, to a referral account, to YuMoney and to a bank account.” In the last two points, the conclusion is possible ONLY after the conclusion of the partnership agreement (which must be sent by mail to Peter).

According to the contract, the payment terms are as follows:

The Company shall pay the remuneration to the Partner for the Services provided by him under the Partnership Agreement on the basis of formalized requests within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt of the formalized request by the Company.

If you withdraw to the account balance, the money comes instantly.

Among the advantages of beget, I can mention convenient SMS messages based on accrued bonuses:


The conditions of the affiliate program at first glance seem quite good: constant income in the form of 10% of referral costs, a 25% discount for the first month of the first server.

The affiliate link can be stuffed into an advertising banner and placed on your website:

I ordered two servers from them – for 299 and for 1079 rubles (payment was for SBP, the cost was 224.25 and 809.25 rubles). In principle, their configurator is not bad, but the server control panel is not the most convenient and never intuitive. Maybe KVM virtualization will be a plus for someone.

The interest rate is 10% – I expected to charge about 103-110 rubles. They are charged at the beginning of each month – on December 1, 51.67 rubles were charged to the balance. Then on January 1, so much more was accrued:

But, as it turned out, it is not possible to withdraw this money? Glad to be wrong, but I crashed the whole site – I couldn’t find the exit buttons. Funds are easily credited to the LC balance, in detail they are considered as a simple credit.

In my opinion, this cancels out all the above-described advantages of a partner, since in fact you will not be able to make money from it. More precisely, such an affiliate program is relevant only in those cases, if you are already their user and actively use the server.


As in Beget, in Fornex the percentage in the affiliate program depends on the service:

  • VPN: 20 to 50%

  • VPS: 15% to 25%

  • Virtual hosting: from 20% to 40%

  • Dedicated Servers: 15% to 25%

  • DDoS Protection: 15% to 25%

  • Backups: from 15% to 25%

I ordered a server for 10 euros – I was immediately charged 1.5 euros (15% of the order amount). And this despite the fact that the description says that interest is calculated after 10 days.

Funds from the affiliate program can only be withdrawn to crypto and account balance. When withdrawing to the account balance, everything happens instantly and without fees, the funds can be used to pay for services. In the case of crypto, supported currency USDT on the TRC-20 (TRON) network, the withdrawal takes up to 15 days.


The percentage system of the affiliate program at RUVDS starts with 15%, but depending on the income or the number of referrals, it can be increased to 25%:

I liked the opportunity to generate a promo code for a discount for the given referral, choosing the amount of the discount yourself.

RUVDS has a large selection of sites where you can create your server, which can be a plus when attracting new referrals from different geographies.

My given referral ordered 3 servers, each for 523 rubles per month (the total cost was 1569 rubles). The servers were ordered on November 20 and 23, on December 20-23, 78.5 rubles (15%) were charged for them – a total of 235.5 rubles:

Partner funds can be withdrawn in various ways — to the balance of a personal account, to a card, Qiwi-wallet or YuMoney. Withdrawal of funds takes place within 30 days (I got it in 16), no additional agreements are required.


I did not test this participant myself, but I am writing from the words of a colleague who, in a conversation about affiliates, told me about them and provided login data to his LC. The terms of the UltraVDS affiliate program look quite good – as with previous participants, with a large number of referrals, the percentage can be increased from 15 to 25%.

A colleague kindly gave me his account, on which there was one referral with two servers (the first for 3070 rubles per month and the second for 1239 rubles for 3 months). In this case, the partnership interest was 15%.

The first server was paid for on November 25, 460.5 rubles were charged for it on December 25:

The second was paid on September 6 for 3 months. On December 6, 185.96 rubles were charged for him (approximately 62 rubles per month). It turns out that money is credited to the partner account only at the end of the server’s billing period. It’s fun to bring a referral that will pay for the server for 10 years ahead 🙂

You can withdraw funds from the affiliate program either to an account or to a bank card. There is no need to conclude any additional agreements. Funds are sent within 30 days, but I didn’t check at that point because the account wasn’t mine. If we equate the cost of the server with other hosters, then for the cost of the server of 1000-1200 rubles, 150-180 rubles would be charged.


The final ones in the test are VDSina, although I tested them not the last. They have two types of affiliate programs: 10% + 10% customer discount, or 20% without discount:

Depending on the earnings from the given clients, the percentage can be increased to a fat 50%:

For testing, I chose the option with 20% (without a customer discount). Their configurator and server control panel are much friendlier, but I was very surprised by the fierce commission when paying for the server — almost 30%!

They pay for the server every day, separately for each server parameter:

And then something strange happened: I paid for the server for 1,290 rubles, but only 1,000 were credited to the balance, which, attention, did not have enough money for the operation of the server for the entire settlement period (and I actually paid for the server PER MONTH, and not just topped up the balance). Their payment is daily – due to this, there were no blockages and the server started calmly.

Bonuses are accrued weekly. For the period from November 16 to December 13, 198.52 rubles were charged.

You can withdraw funds from the affiliate program only to a bonus account or crypto-wallet, not to a bank card.

Moreover, when withdrawing a crypt, the minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 rubles.

According to the conditions of the partner program, withdrawal to the crypt takes place within 5 working days.

My conclusions

If you read the entire text above:

  • Get: in terms of partners, it looks attractive – and nice bonuses (over 300 rubles) have been accrued, and you can withdraw them to the card or to YuMoney. However, for the conclusion, you need to conclude a partnership agreement – not a check mark on the website, but the signing of paper documents sent by mail. I assume that such a decision in 2024 repels a lot of people who want to develop partnership relations, someone probably just doesn’t want to be associated with it.

    We were also alarmed by a little strange debits from the partner’s account (first we charge, and then take). In order for the account balance not to go into the red, it must be regularly replenished independently (or from partner deductions), otherwise the account will be deleted.

  • FirstVDS: in their affiliate program, I did not find a way to withdraw funds – all charges are immediately credited to the account balance. I see the point of using this only if you yourself are their client.

  • Forex: it is difficult with the conclusion – only a crypt (but relatively friendly, because there is no minimum amount for the conclusion).

  • RUVDS: the largest selection of sites for ordering services (especially foreign ones). Turkey, Kazakhstan, Great Britain and others – can be very relevant today and will have a positive effect on attracting new referrals. Also, their options for withdrawing earned funds seemed to me the most convenient.

  • UltraVDS: the option proposed by a friend turned out to be interesting, but in many ways similar to the previous one. Among the pleasant advantages, you can withdraw funds to the card without the need to conclude any agreements.

  • VDSina: quite a good percentage for the affiliate program, but a wild commission for replenishment, which repels many (me too, but I use the word “a lot” on purpose, because the ratings on Google and Yandex say the same). Also, VDSina does not have the ability to output to a card – only to a crypt, which may not be suitable for everyone. At least these factors (the article deliberately does not say a single word about the quality of service and other things) complicate the development of the referral system.

Moving away from the alphabetical order, among all the services listed above, I would recommend RUVDS and UltraVDS, whose affiliate programs are similar in many ways (starting with the initial 15% and the possibility to increase them to 25%, as well as an assortment of withdrawal methods without any problems ), as well as Beget (but you will have to bother a little with signing the contract and topping up the account).

Who to choose and whether it is worth contacting at all – decide for yourself 🙂 Offer your options in the comments or write to me.


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