Ozon launched an Uber analogue for truck drivers

Ozon launched an Uber analogue for truck drivers

Ozon has launched the online platform “Ozon Trucks” to search for orders for freight transportation in Russia and the CIS. A representative of the company told RBC about this. The new service will work according to the principle of Uber, that is, according to the model of quick transactions.

“Ozon places carry orders on its own trading platform and indicates their starting price based on historical data and current market valuation. “Private heavy truck drivers and transport companies offer their price – the winner is the partner who offered the best conditions at the auction,” said the representative of Ozon.

One of the main reasons for the launch of the new service is the desire of the marketplace to reduce the commission costs of transport forwarders. In October, “Komersant” wrote that rates for freight transportation increased by 41.1% over the year. According to the results of three quarters, the number of applications for road freight transportation increased by 60% compared to the same period last year, and in some regions, multiple growth was recorded. At the same time, the segment of delivery to marketplaces doubled during the same period, and the number of unfulfilled transportation orders compared to placed ones increased multiple times due to a shortage of drivers, transport and equipment.

Ozon confirmed double-digit rates of growth in the cost of transportation services and cited the costs of depreciation of vehicles, drivers’ wages and maintenance of leasing contracts as the main reasons.

This year, Ozon placed more than 900,000 orders for trunk transportation. Currently, almost 7,000 truck drivers cooperate with the marketplace. According to the company’s assessment, the new service will double their number, cover 50% of transportation needs with the new platform by the end of 2024, and waive 500 million rubles of transport forwarding commissions by reducing logistics costs, attracting and connecting drivers to work.

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