Overcoming the graphic barrier

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The article raises the question of how modern gamers can immerse themselves in old-school games like System Shock 1 or Arcanum, despite their outdated graphics and mechanics. The author admits to having prejudices against these games and wonders how others who don’t have the nostalgia factor can overcome them. It’s a challenge for modern gamers to experience these classic games, but they offer a unique experience that’s hard to come by in today’s market.

Overcoming the graphic barrier

As good as System Shock 1 was, I was never able to overcome my prejudices and immerse myself in this icon of immersive gaming. And if the people who forced these games at the time of their release can still somehow overcome their “grafodrocher” on a nostalgic wave, then what about people who do not have such an advantage? How can a modern gamer force himself to sit down for a conditional Arcanum, even realizing how awesome it is?

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